Best Diver Watches in our online shop

Planning to go hunting for hidden treasures in the ocean depths or are you going diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world? Either way, don’t forget to take a diving watch with you, to make sure you know what time it is while you are down there. Also handy for timing your dive or planning your pauses. But, you will need a diving watch that can endure the pressure, won’t leak, steam up or fill with bubbles while also remaining completely accurate! In this blog, you’ll find 5 of our best and most popular diving watches, just waiting to be taken on your next trip down to the hidden depths! These 5 watches, which are all available in our shop, are absolutely up to the task!

The watches mentioned in this blog are all capable of withstanding pressures up to 20 ATM (200 meters). Although most people will not go deeper than that, keep in mind that a watch that is waterproof upt o a depth of 200 meters is only suitable for swimming, snorkeling or diving in shallow waters and not for deep sea diving. Planning to go deep sea diving, then you will need a watch that can handle pressures up to 100 ATM.


5. Seiko SKX009K1 divers watch

This Seiko Diving watch has a sporty design with an attractive blue dial. The SKX009K1 can resist 20 ATM of pressure, ideal for swimming, snorkeling or diving in shallow waters. It is not suitable for deep sea diving however. With luminous hands and numbers, checking the time in the dark is no problem. This watch has a striking bezel and it also has a day and date display. The crown is screwed to the case, to stop water from getting in and it’s also an automatic: no more battery changing!

Shop your Seiko SKX009K1 here>


4. Tauchmeister T0201 MIL Professional 45 mm divers watch

With the T0201MIL you can swim, snorkel and dive so, like the Seiko, you can’t go deep sea diving with this watch. One of the best features of this Tauchmeister is the beautiful Milanese strap, a nice touch. You either like the big crown caps or not: they are huge! Also, no bezel on this watch.The crowns are well protected however.

The beating heart of this watch is a Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz movement battery that guarantees that the watch runs perfectly on time. The T0201MIL has an illuminating dial: extremely handy in low light conditions! Oh, by the way, this watch displays a second time zone, useful for the long distance traveller. Made of high grade steel, this Tauchmeister divers watch is an excellent timepiece! Find the T0201MIL here>


3. Tauchmeister T0226 45 mm

Like the Seiko SKX009K1 and the Tauchmeister T0201, this Tauchmeister T0226 can also endure pressures up to 20ATM. But, unlike those first two, the T0226 is a chronograph. Looking at the picture, you could think this watch is made of plastic; think again. The T0226 is constructed out of stainless steel with a black PVD coating to protect the steel, but also to give the watch a stylish touch.
The attractive dial is illuminating and the bezel are equipped with large numbers, for visibility. This watch has hardened mineral glass and a quartz battery while the strap is made of silicone. This combination of materials makes for a sturdy watch that will not lose its colour or wear and tear easily. Shop the Tauchmeister T0226>


2. Tauchmeister T0046 46 mm

Getting closer to the top of our list, we find one of the most popular Diving Watches in our store. You don’t just like this one, you love it. Well, after glancing at the orders from the past few months, that is…
If you are a professional diver or if you are planning a trip down to the thousand metre mark, then this automatic watch is an excellent choice. Capable of withstanding pressures up to 100ATM, it’s large index markers and illuminating hands are clearly visible.This Tauchmeister T0046 has a professional helium valve, sapphire glass and a high grade steel case. Together with the rubber strap and the highly reliable Citizen Miyota 8215 battery, this is an excellent timepiece that can handle the elements! Check the T0046 in our shop>


1. Tauchmeister T0308XXL 52 mm

Top of the list is this impressive Tauchmeister T0308 52 mm diving watch. Like the T0046 mentioned above, the T0308 can withstand pressures up to 100ATM. Take it for a swim, take it on a snorkeling trip or take it for a deep sea dive! You cannot go wrong with this timepiece, which comes equipped with a helium valve, sapphire glass and illuminating hands and indexes. You’ll also like the T0308’s bezel while inside you will find the Sea-Gull TY2846 battery. Plus, the T0308XXL has an extra hand to show the 24 hour time.
Are you a sportive, professional or recreational diver looking for a stylish, robust and functional diving watch, then the T0308XXL could be the one for you. Shop your T0308XXL>

Looking for a TW Steel watch? Check our TW Steel Sale!

Are you’re looking for a nice TW Steel watch? Visit our TW Steel Sale! With lots of TW Steel watches on sale but also a lot of TW Steel demo watches. Demo watches are almost new but have been taken to a trade show or might have been in a display cabinet. An excellent opportunity for you to shop yourself a wonderful TW Steel watch without paying to much! With prices up to more than 50% discounts you will not find these watches any cheaper anywhere!


You might even find some of the rarest & nicest TW Steel watches in our TW Steel Sale. Sometimes we even have TW Steel Limited Editions and TW Steel Special Editions in our webshop. It can safe you a lot of money!


We update our TW Steel Sale all the time!

Keep in mind that we update our TW Steel Sale regurarly. Did you not find the wristwatch you were looking for? Please, do come back some other time to check out our TW Steel Sale.


30 day Money back guarantee

All sale watches have 2 year warranty, all demo watches 1 year. Not sure if you might like the watch? No problem! You can return the (unworn) watch within 30 day’s to change it for some other watch or get a full refund.


Enjoy our TW Steel Sale and shop your TW Steel demo watch Now!


TW Steel and Valentino Rossi renew their pilot watches: Now also with a stylish steel case

TW Steel TW938 Valentino Rossi

TW Steel TW938

There was already a black version and now TW Steel and Valentino Rossi also have a steel chronograph version. The new TW Steel TW938 and tw939 are an amazing expansion of the Valentino Rossi watch collection.

One loves black watches, the other prefers a watch with steel colored case. TW Steel and motor racer Valentino Rossi offer now both.

TW Steel TW936 Valentino Rossi

TW Steel TW936 Valentino Rossi

The new TW Steel TW938 (45 mm) and TW Steel TW939 (48 mm) are stylish pilot watches. The shiny case makes the two watch complete different from its two black brothers, the TW935 en TW936.

Miyota 6S20 movement
But in essence the watches are of course the same. The TW Steel TW938 and TW939 have a Miyota 6S20 quartz movement with chronograph and date. In addition, the watches have a tachymeter and the hands and hour markers light up in the dark.

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi

Number 46
Since 2013 Valentino Rossi is a TW Steel ambassador. The hallmark of the multiple world champion MotoGP, 500cc, 250cc and 125cc is of course his yellow number 46. The number is very stylishly incorporated in the oversized watch and comes back on the screw cap. In addition is on the cover also the Yamaha Factory Racing team logo engraved, the race team where Rossi is part of.

The silicon strap of the new Valentino Rossi watches feels incredibly supple. Valentino Rossi’s VR46 logo sticks remarkably out of the strap.

Free Shipping Service
This fall  the new TW Steel TW939 and TW938 will be presented to the general public, but we have the watches already in stock. The 45 millimeter big TW938 costs 339 euros, the 48 millimeter big TW939 costs 359 euros. We ship the watch for free, including two year warranty.

New: TW Steel Next Generation Grandeur Tech watches

TW Steel TS2

The new TW Steel TS2

TW Steel is further celebrating its 10th anniversary celebrations with the launch of its next generation Grandeur Tech collection. The new five-piece series replaces the previous models, which debuted back in 2010 and proved to be amongst the best-sellers worldwide for the brand ‘Big in Oversized Watches’.

Grandeur Tech has become synonymous with rugged, masculine industrially inspired looks, combined with high-end and luxurious finishing in each and every timepiece. Noted for the construction that connects the bezel to the case back by using pillars and engine screws, each Grandeur Tech in the new-look collection maintains the same design ethos while captivating with modern styling.

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Do you like Aeromeister watches? Then you are a lucky man at this moment

Aeromeister AM6003

Aeromeister AM6003

People who like Aeromeister watches are lucky people at the moment. The stylish watches are temporarily discounted to 50%. But be on time! There are only a few models left in our warehouse.

Aeromeister has announced to come with a new serie of watches. They will replace the first successful series like Meister, MayDay, Ground Speed and Black Chronograph. That’s why the prices of all Aeromeister watches in our shop are sharply reduced. Continue reading

TW Steel launches Next Generation Canteen Collection

TW Steel CS12

TW Steel CS12 Next Generation Canteen

TW Steel, in celebrating its 10th anniversary of being ‘Big in Oversized Watches, has unveiled a bold new Canteen Collection to captivate consumers looking to make a style statement with the brand’s stand-out design.

The revised and reinvigorated collection, featuring 45mm and 50mm case sizes, simply takes the Canteen style to another level having been the very platform on which ‘The Watch in Steel’ has been built since its founding in Amsterdam in 2005 with a four-model offering. Continue reading

Elysee eert verongelukte Formule 1 held Graf Berghe von Trips met horloges

Het Formule 1 seizoen gaat dit weekend van start in Australië. Met Max Verstappen en misschien wel Giedo van de Garde. Hoewel, Sauber wil Van der Garde niet laten rijden. Volgens het team is het niet veilig genoeg voor de coureur, omdat de auto niet aan hem is aangepast. Hoe onveilig was de Fomule 1 in de jaren 50 en 60 wel niet? Menig coureur liet het leven. Onder hen is Graf Wolfgang Berghe von Trips. Velen zullen hem vergeten zijn, maar het Duitse Elysee horloges eert hem (volkomen terecht) met verschillende horloges.

Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips

Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips

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6 TW Steel Formula 1 watches you probably don’t have

This weekend the Formula 1 season starts in Melbourne. Watch brand TW Steel has a strong connection with auto sports and Formula 1. In the past years they produced several watches for F1 teams and F1 riders. This are the 6 most beautiful:

TW Steel Renault F1 Team watches

TW Steel Renault F1 Team watches


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GTO reduces prices of their watches

GTO watches Pit Lane

The popular GTO TS010006 Pit Lane

A nice surprice from France. GTO watches reduces the prices of all watches. And you take benefit of it in our online shop inmediately.

About 10 months ago we became official GTO dealer. We were one of the first shops outside France who believed in the brand. It’s  a big success. The XXL watches are very popular.

Most popular are the GTO Pit Lane models. These men’s watches have a big stainless steel case with 2 dials. It gives them a very modern and tough look. People who like a more stylish watch choose often the GTO Dino watches.

GTO watches are available from 249 euros now. The most expensive models cost 299 euros. The discounts are up to more than 150 euros. Discover the lower prices here.

The toughest TW Steel watch ever?

TW Steel is famous for their XXL watches. Moreover the watches are very strong. What is the best way to proof that? Design a Dakar Rally watch and let a Dakar Rally driver wear it the whole rally. The Dutch racing twins Tim and Tom Coronel did it.

TW Steel is sponsor of the racing twins. Every year the Dutch brand designes a new Dakar watch. The TW Steel TW456 Coronel Dakar 2015 limited edition is probably the strongest watch TW Steel ever made. Both guys wore the a watch for 2 weeks of racing and still wear it at home.



TW Steel suprises with retro Dakar Rally watch

Finally there is a new TW Steel Dakar watch! The TW Steel TW456 Coronel Dakar Limited Edition watch is developped in association with the Dutch racing twins Tim and Tom Coronel. The retro watch is in colors which recall the desert, dust and adventure.

TW Steel TW456 is a limited Dakar Rally watch

TW Steel TW456 Coronel Dakar Rally 2015

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Yamaha, Valentino Rossi and TW Steel produce cheap watches for race fans

Were the TW Steel Valentino Rossi watches and TW Steel Yamaha Factory Racing watches probably too expensive? But you are a big fan from il Dottore or the racing team? Yamaha, VR46 (Valentino Rossi’s company) and TW Steel are producing a new watch brand now: Yamaha VR46. The watches only cost 99 euros.

Yamaha VR46 by TW Steel VR2

Yamaha VR46 by TW Steel VR2

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The ‘most famous’ TW Steel watches

TW Steel does have beautiful campaigns to promote their TW Steel watches. In the newest campaign famous people like singer Kelly Rowland, former F1 driver David Coulthard and DJ Mitchell Niemeyer promote the brand. But did you know that these people do have their own TW Steel models?


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Finally there are the unique TW Steel watch collector cases!

The TW Steel CEO Box 4

The TW Steel CEO Box 4

Do you keep your watches in your bedside cabinet? Or do you have a special collectors case where you keep your watches you don’t wear? The real watch enthusiast probably choose the latter. And – if it’s possible – a collector case from the same brand like the watches you wear. TW Steel offers this possibility now. The Dutch brand in XL watches has designed the TW Steel watch collector cases for 2, 4, 15 and 30 watches.

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Ballast watcher are popular, new models in store!

Ballast BL-3121-04 chronograph watch

Ballast BL-3121-04 chronograph watch

The watch brand Ballast 1903 is getting more and more popular. We know why. The high quality watches are good looking and not that expensive. For us a good reason to offer some more Ballast watches in our webstore.

We’ve got 3 new Ballast Amphion watches and 3 new Ballast Trafalgar Dress watches.

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Luminox watches new in webshop WatchXL

Navy SEALs, US Air Force pilots and police officers wear already Luminox watches. Now we make it possible for you to wear a Luminox watch too. We are proud to be an authorized Luminox dealer.

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Pre-order your TW Steel Valentino Rossi watch now

Valentino Rossi, one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time, will get his own TW Steel watches. Dutch watch brand TW Steel has announced a brand new partnership with VR|46, the lifestyle brand created by MotoGP legend and current Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi. The first TW Steel Valentino Rossi watches will be on stock in November but you can already order the watches at WatchXL.

TW Steel's Jordy Cobelens and Valentino Rossi

TW Steel CEO and co-owner Jordy Cobelens and Valentino Rossi


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Watch lost? Check your dog!

a fat dogIf you will loose your watch in the future and there is a dog in your house… First check your dog! The British bar owner Terry Morgan must have thought the same. His favorit watch was lost and he couldn’t find it anywhere. Till the moment he heard the alarm of his watch somewhere under his dog…

When the man pushed the dog away the watch wasn’t under the dog. There was only one possibility left. Charlie eat it. But a emergency surgery costs £1000. Quite expensive. The look at the needle of the syringe for the anesthetic was enough for Charlie. The dog started to howl en coughed till the watch came out of his mouth.

Sounds like a good end. Quite a good end. Terry Morgan is very happy that he got his watch back. But according to The Mirror he had to pay £200 for the X-rays. No problem for Morgan. It seems that he and the dog are still friends.