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Bulova Lunar Pilot Moon Watch Special Edition

Geplaatst op 31-01-2022

Planning a trip to the moon? Don't forget the Bulova Lunar Pilot 'Moon watch'. You'll find this very special Bulova watch in our webshop. What is so special about it? Well, it has (more or less) already made a trip to the moon! The Bulova Lunar Pilot watch is a remake of the original Bulova watch that astronaut Dave Scott took to the moon during his Apollo 15 lunar journey in 1971. So you can practically wear the same watch as this NASA astronaut/moon traveler! Warning: this story has quite a bit of 'Tintin, Men on the Moon' content!

$1.6 million moon watch

There are actually two versions of the Bulova moon watch, one has a leather strap and the other one a metal strap. The Bulova Lunar Pilot 'moon watch' you find for sale on the internet and at the jewelry stores is of course not the real moon watch. The real moon watch was recently auctioned for more than 1.6 million dollars. We don't buy and sell such expensive watches, you might understand that, but the Bulova Lunar Pilot 'Moon Watch' remake is a very nice special edition of the original Lunar Pilot. A unique timepiece with a very good story.

Bulova: 140 years of watches and groundbreaking products

The American watch brand Bulova has been making watches and other pioneering products for more than 140 years that have contributed to the aviation industry as well as to all kinds of space missions.

Bulova Lunar Pilot Moon Watch
Bulova Lunar Pilot Moon Watch

Bulova moon watch: To the moon and back!

The Bulova Lunar Pilot moon watch is available in two versions. At this moment we only have the version with a steel strap in stock. Quite a cool collector's item and with this watch you certainly have a good story to tell on every birthday!

Bulova Lunar Watch


Omega Speedmaster

Officially, the Omega Speedmaster is the 'real' moon watch. But the Omega watches used for the moon journeys are from NASA (and thus from the US government) and you will properly never see them at an auction because they always remain the property of the US government.

Is the original Bulova Moon watch for sale?

The original Bulova Moon Watch belonged to astronaut Dave Scott himself, not NASA. It is therefore the only watch ever worn on the moon and subsequently offered for sale. And that sale yielded 1.6 million dollars! We do not know if this unique watch is for sale at the moment. But if it is, you'll need a lot of money to buy it!

Bulova moonwatch: made for outer space!

The original Bulova moon watch was made especially for the conditions of space. And those conditions are quite impressive: an absolute vacuum with temperatures up to +127 degrees Celsius in sunlight, and temperatures of -137 degrees Celsius in the shade! Not to mention the radiation from the sun.

Why take a watch to the Moon?

The Bulova watch was quite important during the Apollo 15 mission. While walking on the moon, it had to indicate the exact time how long oxygen, water and battery power would last. The watch was also used as a backup for the timers on board the space capsule during the reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Collaboration Bulova and NASA

The Bulova moon watch was designed for the Apollo 15 mission but it was certainly not the first product Bulova made for NASA. As early as the 1950s, Bulova was producing accurate and innovative technology that was used for the instruments aboard several NASA spaceships and other systems. The collaboration with Bulova provided NASA with suitable innovative instruments that helped make the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions possible.

Bulova Lunar Pilot Moon Watch original

Bulova Lunar Pilot Moon Watch watch photo 2

Bulova Lunar Pilot: Authentic Moon Watch Remake

How cool, you can wear an authentic remake of the official Bulova moon watch yourself. The new special edition Lunar Pilot chronograph is a superior replica, updated with an exclusive high performance, high end, 262kHz quartz movement. A timepiece with a clock frequency no other watch manufacturer has ever managed to match.

The hands and indices of the Bulova Moon Watch are super luminous. This means you'll be able to read time at night, even in dark or moonlighted conditions. Furthermore, the Lunar Pilot is equipped with a tachymeter, chronograph and a calendar. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. Not that we expect you to dip in the water while visiting the moon...

Looking for a special watch with a good story? The Bulova Lunar Pilot 'Moon Watch' has the best story of all the watches in our shop! Judge for yourself and view the specs here.

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