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Jcob Einzeiger

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Jcob Einzeiger

The watch brand Jcob specializes in Einzeiger watches with an exclusive design for an affordable price. Specially made for men who love a unique watch and want to wear something different for a change. The watch has a long lifespan by using high-quality materials. Watches with only one hand on the dial that show you what time it is.

In our shop you will find the complete range at competitive prices. All models are supplied from stock.

Einzeiger watches with one hand

Einzeiger watches are special timepieces. The watches have no second hand and no minute hand, but only 1 hand. They display the time accurately to within five minutes.

The history of watches with one hand goes back centuries. In 1675 this came to an end with a Dutch invention. Christiaan Huygens discovered the anchor escapement, which allowed the time to be displayed more accurately with three hands. The popularity of one-hand watches has been growing strongly since the mid-1980s. Several brands, including Jcob watches, produce these special Einzeiger watches.

How does an Einzeiger watch work?

Only one hand showing the time. We are not used to that. How does that work? Actually very simple. The hand works like the hand that shows the hours on a 'normal' watch. Between the hours on the dial are larger bars representing the quarter hours with smaller bars in between that indicate a period of 5 minutes.

Is a one hand watch useful?

Sure. With an Einzeiger watch you can see at a glance what time it is approximately. A moment of peace in your busy life. But perhaps also a reason to leave a few minutes earlier for an appointment. And is the exact time not already visible all around us? In the car, on the street, via a clock on the wall or on your smartphone? A watch has become more and more a piece of jewelry for the modern man and that certainly applies to the stylish Jcob Einzeiger watches.

Why go to WatchXL for a Jcob watch?

Jcob watches are exclusively for sale at a limited number of stores. We are an official dealer and proud to be able to sell that brand. With our many years of experience you are assured of excellent service. You receive a two-year warranty on these watches. We deliver the watch in a luxury Jcob watch box, quickly and from our own stock. We take care of the shipping costs.


Do you have a question about a Jcob watch? We can be reached by telephone on working days between 09:00 and 16:00. We are also available 24 hours a day via e-mail: [email protected]

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