A watch, this year’s Valentine’s day present!

Tutti Milano TM600 FU-RO Tutti Milano TM600 FU-RO

Are rings to corny for Valentine’s Day? And have roses lost their charm? Why not consider a watch? They come in all shapes and sizes and at every price. The trend of next summer is lots of colour, which is exactly what our Tutti Milano and Kienzle Poseidon watches bring. Trendy watches of great quality and, perhaps even more importantly, very mildly priced.

Red, blue, purple, green, black or white, Tutti Milano watches come in all colours. And also in all sorts of different sizes, ranging from 40 millimeter large ladies’ watches to 48 millimeter large XL watches. There will certainly be one that takes your fancy. Tutti Milano has only existed for a couple of years, but has rapidly built up a reputation in the Netherlands. No wonder, since the models are all very trendy. But the price is a large factor too. For only 74,95 you can buy a Tutti Milano for your partner.Got a little more to spend? Then the Tutti Milano chronograph watches will be a good option. These watches have a warranty period of 2 years.

Kienzle Poseidon Large K00271 Kienzle Poseidon Large K00271

Kienzle Poseidon watches are available at between 119 and 139 euros. But for that price, you’ll get a truly magnificent clock. The warranty of 36 months clearly indicates high quality. Poseidon watches add a good dose of colour to your personality. They are modern, cool and XL in character and size. These extravagant eye catchers were released in both flamboyant colours and cool black and white. With diameters of up to 52 millimeters, these watches are truly XL watches.