Ballast watcher are popular, new models in store!

Ballast BL-3121-04 chronograph watch Ballast BL-3121-04 chronograph watch

The watch brand Ballast 1903 is getting more and more popular. We know why. The high quality watches are good looking and not that expensive. For us a good reason to offer some more Ballast watches in our webstore.

We’ve got 3 new Ballast Amphion watches and 3 new Ballast Trafalgar Dress watches.

Ballast Amphion

The Ballast Amphion watches are 48 millimeter big XL watches. The grey Ballast BL-3120-08 and the brown/black Ballast BL-3120-04 are automatic watch, while the Ballast BL-3121-04 is a quartz watch. All the watches have a tough appearance and are quite cheap, only 149 Euros.

Ballast BL-3126-04 Trafalgar Ballast BL-3126-04 Trafalgar Dress

Ballast Trafalgar Dress

Our new Ballast Trafalgar Dress watches are smaller, only 43 millimeter. These watches do have an ISA movement and look a little more chic then the sporty Ballast Amphion watches. They fit perfect with a suit. Especially the Ballast BL-3126-03 and the Ballast BL-3126-04 with their rosegold plated case.