• Nice present for Real Madrid players

    Logo of Real Madrid Real Madrid Logo

    Christiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and all the others who won the Champions League and the Copa del Rey last season with Real Madrid, have received a very special gift. Continue Reading

  • Watch lost? Check your dog!

    a fat dogIf you will loose your watch in the future and there is a dog in your house… First check your dog! The British bar owner Terry Morgan must have thought the same. His favorit watch was lost and he couldn’t find it anywhere. Till the moment he heard the alarm of his watch somewhere under his dog…

    When the man pushed the dog away the watch wasn’t under the dog. There was only one possibility left. Charlie eat it. But a emergency surgery costs £1000. Quite expensive. The look at the needle of the syringe for the anesthetic was enough for Charlie. The dog started to howl en coughed till the watch came out of his mouth.

    Sounds like a good end. Quite a good end. Terry Morgan is very happy that he got his watch back. But according to The Mirror he had to pay £200 for the X-rays. No problem for Morgan. It seems that he and the dog are still friends.

  • New trend: Milanese watch straps for Tauchmeister watches

    Rebosus RS002MIL Rebosus RS002MIL

    We knew already the Tauchmeister watches with leather, rubber and stainless steel straps. Now Tauchmeister presented a few watches with special Milanese straps. A watch strap that dates back to 19th century but is very trendy at moment.

    Tauchmeister T0255MIL Tauchmeister T0255MIL

    The Milanese straps feature very small interlinking pieces of metal. This creates a smooth steel strap. The technik was used very often in the 19th century. The Milanese straps are named after the Italian city of Milan, where the first Milanese straps were made. Nowadays more and more famous watch brands start to use Milanese straps. The straps fit both modern and retro watches.

    At the moment Tauchmeister has a few watches with a Milanese strap like the Tauchmeister T0228MIL and the Tauchmeister T0201MIL. The Reboses RS002MIL contains also a Milanese strap. The straps are easy to customize yourself.

  • The most expensive watch in the world: a good investment

    Do you have 12 million Euros on a forgotten bank account? Maybe this is the moment to check your accounts. On 14 November the most expensive watch in the world -the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication- will be brought to the hammer at Sotheby's in Geneva. We’ve got a small hint: it seems to be a good investment.

    Most expensive watch in the world: the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication Most expensive watch in the world: the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication

    The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication. It sounds good. Back in 1925 banker Henry Graves from New York asked Patek Phillipe to create a extraordinary watch. Nowadays most of us are already satisfied with a TW Steel watch or a Welder watch. But this American banker only wanted the most complicated watch in the world. Well, Henry Graves question was the start of a great watch history.

    The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication became the most complicated watch ever made. Today it’s the most expensive watch in the world. After three years of research and five years of production the watch was finished in 1933. It’s made of 18-carat gold, shows the time, has a perpetual calendar, shows the sunrise and sunset in New York and provides information about the stars above ‘the Big Apple’. Moreover the watch has 21 other functions.

    Meanwhile, the Patek Philippe is not the most complicated watch in the world anymore. Thanks to the computer it is possible to built more complicated watches then the 80 year old Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication. But it took 59 years to built a more complicated watch! It’s a pity… But the Henry Graves Supercomplication is still the most expensive watch in the world. 15 years ago a new owner payd 8 million Euros for this golden watch. The future new owner has to pay at least 12 million Euros. That means that the watch became in the past 15 years every year 267.000 Euros more expensive! A very interesting investment…

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