NightRider by TW Steel

  • New NightRider by TW Steel watches look stunning

    We had to wait some time for the new NightRider by TW Steel watches, but it was worth! A watch can look so spectacular on a picture, the new NightRider watches are looking even better in real.

    Nightriders by TW Steel Nightriders by TW Steel

    The Nightrider watches are a collaboration between the American jewelery brand Nightrider and TW Steel watches. There are three different models that are available in a 45 millimeter and 50 millimeter edition. For convenience, we look just at the 50-millimeter Nightrider watches. The Nightrider NR1 has a steel case in steel color, just like the point where the black leather strap is attached to the watch. The Nightrider NR2 distinguishes itself thanks to a spectacular titanium coating, while the Nightrider NR3 has a cool black color. Striking is the silver eagle on the dial of all Nightrider watches. This eagle represents freedom, exactly where Nightrider stands for. The combination of a silver eagle and a fat TW Steel Canteen clock makes these watches real must haves.

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