Cheapest TW Steel watches ever?

TW Steel CE4002 TW Steel CE4002

The times are good for fans of TW Steel watches as WatchXL has once again managed to procure dozens of TW Steel watches that we can sell at large discounts. Up to 70%. Amongst them are the unique TW Steel CE4001 and CE4002, that have been specially designed in coalition with David Coulthard.

TW Steel Goliath watches

TW Steel CE3013 TW Steel CE3013

125 euros for a genuine TW Steel watch? Surely that’s nowhere to be found. Well, almost nowhere, because we have managed to get our hands on multiple TW Steel Goliath watches for a very mild price. They are demo-models, but they have never been worn. They’ve only stood on display at conventions or sat inside the representative’s briefcase. Just to make sure, however, we will offer you a full year of warranty.

TW Steel Tech watches

TW Steel TW133 TW Steel TW133

TW Steel is saying goodbye to a part of the Tech series. Too bad, since TW Steel Tech watches are very sporty, cool watches. But there is some good news for fans of the Tech series. We were able to buy different models in the TW Steel Tech watches series at a real bargain. Of course, we will let you have them for a very mild price as well. But be quick, for supplies are limited.

TW Steel David Coulthard

Now in limited stock, the TW Steel CE4001 and CE4002. These watches were developed in cooperation with former F1 racer David Coulthard. The result is a wonderful chronograph watch. The watches are obviously just as large, but the colours are very different than anything we’ve seen in TW Steel watches before. The 48 millimeters large TW Steel CE4002 watches are normally 679 euros, but can now be bought at WatchXL for only 333 euros.