Elysee watches, made with passion for historical car sports

Elysee 18007 Elysee 18007 Jochen Mass

Ever heard of Elysee watches? Probably not. But there is no escaping them now. We have become an official Elysee dealer, which makes us super proud! These Elysee watches look amazing and sell at amazingly sharp prices to boot. And did we mention they are made in Germany?

Elysee’s history reaches back to 1920, with Jacques Beaufort making the first Elysee watch. The name Elysee is registered again in 1960. But the history of the current Elysee watches starts in 2006, with Reiner Seume connecting the brand to former racing driver Graf Berghe von Trips.

Graf Berghe von Trips


Elysee 38008 Elysee 38008 Graf Berghe von Trips

Elysee and car sports, a perfect match. With Graf Berghe von Trips and Jochen Mass, the German watch brand has found two faces for its franchise. Graf Berghe von Trips was born into nobility in 1928. At the age of 25, he started racing. In 1957, he rode his first Formula one race and became the first German racer for the Ferrari company. Later he would also start racing for Porsche. On September 10th, 1961 Graf Berghe von Trips perished in a car accident during the Grand Prix of Monza. The racing world lost one of its greatest heroes. He was declared vice world champion posthumously.

Elysee 80515 Elysee 80515 Classic Daidalos

Jochen Mass is a racing idol from the seventies and eighties. He won the Barcelona Formula one race in 1975 and claimed the title of the 24 hour race of Le Mans in 1989. De Elysee Jochen Mass collection was designed in cooperation with the charismatic driver.

The Elysee watches in the WatchXL web shop all distinguish themselves by their superbly tasteful style. We have a large selection of chronograph watches, retro watches and automatic watches. Elysee mostly uses Citizen Miyota clockworks and the limited editions are even equipped with Valjoux movements. Combined with the fact that they are German made, this makes Elysee a highly reliable watchbrand. With prices from 150 to 1998 euros, there will always be a watch in your price range. Do you believe in the power of Elysee watches too?