Kienzle Poseidon watches, the ultimate summer clocks

Kienzle Poseidon  K00268 Large Kienzle Poseidon K00268 Large

Summer is coming, time for short sleeves. This means you can finally show off your fine watch in public. Are you looking for a good summer watch? Try a Kienzle Poseidon watch! You’ll be sure to steal the show. And what’s more, Kienzle Poseidon watches are attractively priced.

Cheerful weather requires a cheerful watch. Kienzle Poseidon meets those requirements. The watches are available in many colours, ranging from sober black and white to extravagant red, yellow, blue, orange and green. Just picture yourself walking on the beach with one of those enormous watches on your arm! People will surely turn their heads because these Kienzle Poseidon pieces, with diameters ranging from 44 to 52 millimeters, are truly XL watches.

Kienzle Poseidon K00254 XL Kienzle Poseidon K00254 XL

The good thing about Kienzle Poseidon watches is that you don’t have to take them off when you go for a refreshing dive. With water resistance till up to 150 meters, they are fit for any form of watersports. And, thanks to the rubber ring around the steel casing, they can take a beating.

For fans of extremely large watches, there is the Kienzle Poseidon XL. This watch doesn’t only have a diameter of 52 millimeters, but is also 19 millimeters high. The Black Pro XL models have the same size, but distinguish themselves through their pvd black casing. The XL Slim models also have a diameter of 52 millimeters, but are only 13 millimeters high. And then there are the Large watches with diameters of 48 millimeters and a height of 13. Last but not least, Kienzle Poseidon offers the Small model, with a diameter of 44 millimeters. Ideal for the smaller wrist.

With a price tag of 119 to 139 euros, aren’t these watches the perfect start of the summer?