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Navy SEALs, US Air Force pilots and police officers wear already Luminox watches. Now we make it possible for you to wear a Luminox watch too. We are proud to be an authorized Luminox dealer.

Luminox was born in 1989 (Lumi is Latin for light while Nox is Latin for night), driven by a commitment to offer cutting-edge luminescence and readability in its line of high-performance sports watches. Since 1993 the watch belongs to the standard outfit of the American Navy SEALs. After Luminox provided the watches to the SEALs, Luminox began marketing the same style of watch (Model 3001) across the country and the world. As the watch gained reknown, Luminox was approached by US Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk fighter jet in 1999.

Luminox watches are well known for their illuminating hands and indexes. Luminox’ self-powered illumination (Luminox Light Technology) allows one to view time at-a-glance, no matter what the light level, even in complete darkness – up to 25 years of complete darkness, in fact. Being able to read time effortlessly under any and all circumstances fills a need for various military and law enforcement groups, which is why the U.S. Navy SEAL Procurement officers came to us asking us to create dive watches for them for night missions. It is also why U.S. Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk™ Stealth Jets approached Luminox watches.

In 2015 the first astronauts of commercial spaceliner Space Expedition Corporation will wear Luminox watches when they travel into space.

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