New trend: Milanese watch straps for Tauchmeister watches

Rebosus RS002MIL Rebosus RS002MIL

We knew already the Tauchmeister watches with leather, rubber and stainless steel straps. Now Tauchmeister presented a few watches with special Milanese straps. A watch strap that dates back to 19th century but is very trendy at moment.

Tauchmeister T0255MIL Tauchmeister T0255MIL

The Milanese straps feature very small interlinking pieces of metal. This creates a smooth steel strap. The technik was used very often in the 19th century. The Milanese straps are named after the Italian city of Milan, where the first Milanese straps were made. Nowadays more and more famous watch brands start to use Milanese straps. The straps fit both modern and retro watches.

At the moment Tauchmeister has a few watches with a Milanese strap like the Tauchmeister T0228MIL and the Tauchmeister T0201MIL. The Reboses RS002MIL contains also a Milanese strap. The straps are easy to customize yourself.