Status is for sale with a Fromanteel watch

Fromanteel GT-0601-009 Fromanteel GT-0601-009

Dutch watch brands are trending. Following in the footsteps of TW Steel wathes, which has conquered half the world in the past few years, a new star has risen with Fromanteel watches.
Affordable luxury is the phrase. These watches provide the wearer with status, but that really doesn’t need to be too expensive. Fromanteel watches are now available at online watch specialist WatchXL.

The Amsterdam-based Fromanteel has been taking the market by storm for three years now and has managed to win over the hearts of many gentlemen along the way. Which isn’t strange. Fromanteel produces classy watches that are available starting at 339 euros. The watches are Swiss Made and are of course provided with a Swiss clockwork. Guaranteed quality.

Fromanteel revolutionary
The story of Fromanteel starts as early as the seventeenth century, with Ahasuerus Fromanteel starting out as a clockmaker on the Dam in Amsterdam. Fromanteel was the first to make use of a pendulum. This way the clocks could measure not only hours and minutes, but seconds too. A revolution in the clock industry.

Fromanteel GT-0602-010 Fromanteel GT-0602-010

Modern and timeless design
“History is now”, is what they say at Fromanteel. In the last three years, Fromanteel has made a serious comeback with the stylish Generations Series, the tasteful Globetrotter Series, the timeless Amsterdam Series and the sporty 85 Rally Series and 85 Classic Series. The watches have a modern and timeless design. While stylish, timeless watch brands usually characterize themselves with high prices, Fromanteel watches are available for all.

A nice thing about Fromanteel watches is that they can be modified to fit any occasion. The Fromanteel wrist straps, which are available in 17 different varieties, can be easily exchanged for another. These wrist straps range from traditional vintage straps to modern canvas straps and from stylish dark-coloured straps to cheerfully coloured leather ones.