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  • Looking for a TW Steel watch? Check our TW Steel Sale!

    Are you're looking for a nice TW Steel watch? Visit our TW Steel Sale! With lots of TW Steel watches on sale but also a lot of TW Steel demo watches. Demo watches are almost new but have been taken to a trade show or might have been in a display cabinet. An excellent opportunity for you to shop yourself a wonderful TW Steel watch without paying to much! With prices up to more than 50% discounts you will not find these watches any cheaper anywhere!


    You might even find some of the rarest & nicest TW Steel watches in our TW Steel Sale. Sometimes we even have TW Steel Limited Editions and TW Steel Special Editions in our webshop. It can safe you a lot of money!


    We update our TW Steel Sale all the time!

    Keep in mind that we update our TW Steel Sale regurarly. Did you not find the wristwatch you were looking for? Please, do come back some other time to check out our TW Steel Sale.


    30 day Money back guarantee

    All sale watches have 2 year warranty, all demo watches 1 year. Not sure if you might like the watch? No problem! You can return the (unworn) watch within 30 day's to change it for some other watch or get a full refund.


    Enjoy our TW Steel Sale and shop your TW Steel demo watch Now!

  • Do you like Aeromeister watches? Then you are a lucky man at this moment

    Aeromeister AM6003 Aeromeister AM6003

    People who like Aeromeister watches are lucky people at the moment. The stylish watches are temporarily discounted to 50%. But be on time! There are only a few models left in our warehouse.

    Aeromeister has announced to come with a new serie of watches. They will replace the first successful series like Meister, MayDay, Ground Speed and Black Chronograph. That's why the prices of all Aeromeister watches in our shop are sharply reduced. Continue Reading

  • GTO reduces prices of their watches

    GTO watches Pit Lane The popular GTO TS010006 Pit Lane

    A nice surprice from France. GTO watches reduces the prices of all watches. And you take benefit of it in our online shop inmediately.

    About 10 months ago we became official GTO dealer. We were one of the first shops outside France who believed in the brand. It’s  a big success. The XXL watches are very popular.

    Most popular are the GTO Pit Lane models. These men’s watches have a big stainless steel case with 2 dials. It gives them a very modern and tough look. People who like a more stylish watch choose often the GTO Dino watches.

    GTO watches are available from 249 euros now. The most expensive models cost 299 euros. The discounts are up to more than 150 euros. Discover the lower prices here.

  • High discount on the last unique TW Steel limited edition watches

    TW Steel TW611 TW Steel TW611

    Once in a while TW Steel watches releases a new watch unto the market. These watches are usually immensely popular and fly out of the store. That is why we are so glad to have been able to add the latest TW Steel TW611 24h Dubai limited edition to our collection. Take advantage of the 149 euros discount on these great watches now!

    All of the TW611 watches that we had, sold out long ago. Too bad for us, since it really sold very well. But understandable, because this watch, limited to only 400 copies, truly deserved to be called a unique watch. And unique watches sell well.

    Continue Reading

  • Top watches at high discounts for a cheerful spring

    TW Steel CE3015 with 50% discount TW Steel CE3015 with 50% discount

    What are you wearing on your wrist this spring? Are you going with a TW Steel watch or would you rather take a Haemmer? Or are you brave enough to choose a model of Versace? There’s one thing all these watches have in common; we offer them at WatchXL at a steep discount! Hurry while stocks last!

    Haemmer NDC-03 Haemmer NDC-03

    It took a while, but spring finally appears to be starting. Let’s celebrate it with magnificent offers. We managed to get our hands on different demo watches of the TW Steel series. Once, they filled the suitcases of representatives or the TW Steel display cases on fairs. We were warned that the watches might show some signs of usage, but these TW Steel watches exceeded our wildest expectations. They look brand-new! And what more, you get a 50% discount on them. Isn’t that a great offer?

    Versace 92QCP9D008 S009 Versace 92QCP9D008 S009

    We have also managed to make a great deal with Haemmer Germany, that our customers can benefit from. Haemmer watches at discounts up to almost 200 euros. Checking the internet tells you that this makes us the cheapest selling point for Haemmer watches. Naturally, we take a little (or rather a lot of) pride in that! But be quick about it, because stocks are limited.

    Finally, one more special offer. There aren’t many shops that offer Versace watches online. But now, the Versace 92QCP9D008S009 Reve Ceramic can be bought at discount prices on our site. And have you taken a look at the Nixon A-127-000 Chronicle SS XL men’s watch? Speaking of great spring offers…

  • Superdeal: one hand watch makes comeback

    Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch

    In 1675 ‘Einzeiger’ watches, that had only 1 hand, went completely out of style after Christiaan Huygens’ invention of the pendulum clock. Now it is making a comeback. The Dutch Lenzers watches, amongst others, has added an ‘Einzeiger’ to its selection with the Lenzers LEW201. And WatchXL now has a promotion on that watch.

    Lenzers has many more beautiful watches than just the LEW201. That’s why we are very glad to have become the official dealer of the Dutch watch brand. Let us celebrate that with an amazing deal. The Lenzers LEW201 Einzeiger, normally priced at 279 euros, will now only cost you 149 euros.

    Strap and buckle Lenzers LEW201 Strap and buckle of the Lenzers LEW201 watch

    The Lenzers LEW201 Einzeiger is an exceptional men’s watch. Not only does it have only 1 arm, it is also a limited edition. Only 250 copies of it are available worldwide. Until the year 1675, all watches had only 1 arm. The pendulum clock, an invention by Christiaan Huygens, changed that and watches got three arms. Now the ‘Einzeiger’ is being revived.

    On an Einzeiger, you can easily read the time. The dial of the LEW201, like many other watches, is numbered from 1 to 12. But between the hours there are 12 lines instead of 10, one for every 5 minutes. Therefore you can determine the time accurately.

    Furthermore, the LEW201 is a very reliable watch. The 48 millimeter big XL watch has a Citizen Miyota clockwork and is water resistant until up to 50 meters. The brown leather watch strap closes through a butterfly clasp. Interested? You will receive 24 months warranty on this Lenzers watch. And don't you like it? Within 30 days you can return the watch to us!

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