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  • Let yourself be seduced by Lotus watches, like we did

    Lotus L10112/2 Lotus L10112/2

    Tune up your life! With that catchphrase, attractive watches, surprising colours and a competitive price, the Spanish Lotus watches tempts many watch lovers. Including ourselves. Because we have finally become the official dealer of Lotus watches.

    At Lotus, they have more than 25 years of experience in watch making. It has made them the biggest watch brand in Spain, which is worn by many people all across the world, including Marc Marques, who is world champion in Moto2 and running in the next season of MotoGP. Lotus watches are grand. And that’s why we are incredibly excited to offer this brand in our webshop.

    Lotus L15788/2 Lotus L15788/2

    The past few days, we received all Lotus men’s watches. And not only do they look amazing in pictures, the real deal is also 100% awesome. Like the Lotus L15791 XL watches, the Lotus L10112 sporty chronograph watches, or the cheerful square Lotus L10103 watches. There is an attractive watch for every man. In the past 25 years, Lotus has established the reputation of begin excellent watchmakers. The watches have a steel frame and a quartz clockwork. Most interesting is the costs of Lotus watches. For only 99 euros you can buy a Lotus Retrograde watch and for only 129 euros you can own a Lotus Multifunction watch. Above that, you receive a 24 month warranty on all Lotus models. Is it strange that we love these watches so much?

  • Superdeal: one hand watch makes comeback

    Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch

    In 1675 ‘Einzeiger’ watches, that had only 1 hand, went completely out of style after Christiaan Huygens’ invention of the pendulum clock. Now it is making a comeback. The Dutch Lenzers watches, amongst others, has added an ‘Einzeiger’ to its selection with the Lenzers LEW201. And WatchXL now has a promotion on that watch.

    Lenzers has many more beautiful watches than just the LEW201. That’s why we are very glad to have become the official dealer of the Dutch watch brand. Let us celebrate that with an amazing deal. The Lenzers LEW201 Einzeiger, normally priced at 279 euros, will now only cost you 149 euros.

    Strap and buckle Lenzers LEW201 Strap and buckle of the Lenzers LEW201 watch

    The Lenzers LEW201 Einzeiger is an exceptional men’s watch. Not only does it have only 1 arm, it is also a limited edition. Only 250 copies of it are available worldwide. Until the year 1675, all watches had only 1 arm. The pendulum clock, an invention by Christiaan Huygens, changed that and watches got three arms. Now the ‘Einzeiger’ is being revived.

    On an Einzeiger, you can easily read the time. The dial of the LEW201, like many other watches, is numbered from 1 to 12. But between the hours there are 12 lines instead of 10, one for every 5 minutes. Therefore you can determine the time accurately.

    Furthermore, the LEW201 is a very reliable watch. The 48 millimeter big XL watch has a Citizen Miyota clockwork and is water resistant until up to 50 meters. The brown leather watch strap closes through a butterfly clasp. Interested? You will receive 24 months warranty on this Lenzers watch. And don't you like it? Within 30 days you can return the watch to us!

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