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  • Swiss made Jaguar watches at surprisingly low prices


    Jaguar J661/1 watch Jaguar J661/1 watch

    Jaguar watches. It has a ring to it. It immediately reminds us of the priceless Jaguar cars. But, unlike the cars, Jaguar watches are attractively priced. Especially when you consider the fact that they are all Swiss made watches.

    The latest models (Jaguar J628 and Jaguar J663) are available starting from 199 euros. At that price, you will have a very solid watch that combines elegance with sportiness. It has a sturdy steel case and a beautiful leather strap. With a diameter of 43 millimeter, it is a beautiful and modest watch that will not let the wearer down.

    jaguar J652-1 watch jaguar J652-1 watch

    The new Jaguar chronograph watches are also a sight to behold. Like the first models, the J661, J652, J651 and J650 have a steel case and a leather wrist strap. But the chronograph emphasizes the sporty side of the 43 millimeter large men’s watches. The chronograph watches are available starting from 375 euros. An attractive price for a very attractive watch.

  • Brand new Kienzle Poseidon watches are extravagant eye catchers

    Kienzle Poseidon K00256 Kienzle Poseidon K00256

    With flamboyant colours, a sporty exterior and case diameters till up to 52 millimeters, these watches are true XL watches. The brand new Kienzle Poseidon watches go with every casual outfit. We are thrilled to be able to add this brand to our collection.

    Obviously, the watches look amazing. But with the Kienzle Poseidon, you will also have a guaranteed top quality watch on your wrist. Not many watch brands offer a standard 3 year warranty on their watches, but Kienzle does. Besides that, Poseidon watches , with water resistance till up to 15 ATM, are perfectly suitable to take a dive with. As can be expected from a brand that had been named after the God of the sea; Poseidon.

    Kienzle Poseidon Large K00271 Kienzle Poseidon Large K00271

    After a successful launch in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, Poseidon watches have now been introduced in the Netherlands. And we offer the possibility to buy a Kienzle Poseidon all over the world. These watches are sporty, oversized and able to endure a deep dive into the ocean. The silicon ring around the stainless steel case gives the watch a futuristic appearance. The distinct colour combinations and a diameter up to 52 mm make these watches truly extravagant eye catchers.

    Poseidon watches are made of stainless steel and silicon elements and can take a beating. The threaded crown and the lid of the casing make these watches water resistant till up to 15 bar. The prices are mild and range from € 119,- tot € 139,-. The unisex watches come in models Small, Large, XL and Pro Black XL.

    The German brand Kienzle started in 1822 as a watch making company and by 1900 already had branches in Milan, London, Paris and New York. Nowadays, is it the oldest watch brand in Germany. With its new collection, Kienzle reinvents itself and sets a new standard in the world of watches.

    Colourful Kienzle Poseidon watches Colourful Kienzle Poseidon watches
  • TW Steel releases a unique limited edition watch for 24H of Dubai

    TW Steel TW696 TW Steel TW696

    TW Steel has released a spectacular new limited edition watch. Made especially for the 24-hour race of Dubai, the TW696 24H Dubai 2013 has been limited to only 150 copies, of which a part has been distributed amongst the contestants in Dubai. That’s how a sponsor of a racing event does it. The remainders are some very unique TW Steel watches of which there are only 50 copies available in the Netherlands.

    The TW Steel TW696 is a real eye catcher. Not only because of the use of an orange silicon wrist strap in combination with orange numbers on the dial, but also because of the familiar sturdy appearance. Within the 48 mm large stainless steel case of the TW696 is a Citizen Miyota clockwork. The watch has a chronograph, date display and a tachymeter.

    Dubai logoAll ingredients that have made the TW Steel watch special, are in the TW696. Fun details are the blue arm of the chronograph and the blue sweep hand, that give the watch a little extra flavour. Isn’t there anything that is related to the 24-hour race of Dubai? Surely there is. The tachymeter subtly starts with ‘24H Dubai’ and the logo is prominently visible on the back of the watch. But the most noticeable mention of the Dubai race is the logo on the wrist strap. It really makes the TW696 stand out.

    The TW Steel TW696 24H Dubai 2013 limited edition is only available online for 349 euros. Order it now at WatchXL.

    TW Steel TW696 horloges TW Steel TW696 horloges
  • Superdeal: one hand watch makes comeback

    Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch

    In 1675 ‘Einzeiger’ watches, that had only 1 hand, went completely out of style after Christiaan Huygens’ invention of the pendulum clock. Now it is making a comeback. The Dutch Lenzers watches, amongst others, has added an ‘Einzeiger’ to its selection with the Lenzers LEW201. And WatchXL now has a promotion on that watch.

    Lenzers has many more beautiful watches than just the LEW201. That’s why we are very glad to have become the official dealer of the Dutch watch brand. Let us celebrate that with an amazing deal. The Lenzers LEW201 Einzeiger, normally priced at 279 euros, will now only cost you 149 euros.

    Strap and buckle Lenzers LEW201 Strap and buckle of the Lenzers LEW201 watch

    The Lenzers LEW201 Einzeiger is an exceptional men’s watch. Not only does it have only 1 arm, it is also a limited edition. Only 250 copies of it are available worldwide. Until the year 1675, all watches had only 1 arm. The pendulum clock, an invention by Christiaan Huygens, changed that and watches got three arms. Now the ‘Einzeiger’ is being revived.

    On an Einzeiger, you can easily read the time. The dial of the LEW201, like many other watches, is numbered from 1 to 12. But between the hours there are 12 lines instead of 10, one for every 5 minutes. Therefore you can determine the time accurately.

    Furthermore, the LEW201 is a very reliable watch. The 48 millimeter big XL watch has a Citizen Miyota clockwork and is water resistant until up to 50 meters. The brown leather watch strap closes through a butterfly clasp. Interested? You will receive 24 months warranty on this Lenzers watch. And don't you like it? Within 30 days you can return the watch to us!

  • A watch, this year’s Valentine’s day present!

    Tutti Milano TM600 FU-RO Tutti Milano TM600 FU-RO

    Are rings to corny for Valentine’s Day? And have roses lost their charm? Why not consider a watch? They come in all shapes and sizes and at every price. The trend of next summer is lots of colour, which is exactly what our Tutti Milano and Kienzle Poseidon watches bring. Trendy watches of great quality and, perhaps even more importantly, very mildly priced.

    Red, blue, purple, green, black or white, Tutti Milano watches come in all colours. And also in all sorts of different sizes, ranging from 40 millimeter large ladies’ watches to 48 millimeter large XL watches. There will certainly be one that takes your fancy. Tutti Milano has only existed for a couple of years, but has rapidly built up a reputation in the Netherlands. No wonder, since the models are all very trendy. But the price is a large factor too. For only 74,95 you can buy a Tutti Milano for your partner.Got a little more to spend? Then the Tutti Milano chronograph watches will be a good option. These watches have a warranty period of 2 years.

    Kienzle Poseidon Large K00271 Kienzle Poseidon Large K00271

    Kienzle Poseidon watches are available at between 119 and 139 euros. But for that price, you’ll get a truly magnificent clock. The warranty of 36 months clearly indicates high quality. Poseidon watches add a good dose of colour to your personality. They are modern, cool and XL in character and size. These extravagant eye catchers were released in both flamboyant colours and cool black and white. With diameters of up to 52 millimeters, these watches are truly XL watches.

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