The 'most famous' TW Steel watches

TW Steel does have beautiful campaigns to promote their TW Steel watches. In the newest campaign famous people like singer Kelly Rowland, former F1 driver David Coulthard and DJ Mitchell Niemeyer promote the brand. But did you know that these people do have their own TW Steel models?


TW Steel CE4002 TW Steel CE4002

David Coulthard watches

David Coulthard was one of the first TW Steel ambassadors. He definitely likes bold watches.

TW Steel CE4002

Coulthard’s first TW Steel model was the TW Steel CE4002. A slightly different watch as what we expect from TW Steel. Grey colors and a particular leather strap. Because of the special appearance it’s still one of the most popular watches in our store.

TW Steel CE4020 TW Steel CE4020

Diver watch

After the TW Steel CE4002 Coulthard designed together with TW Steel a diver watch. The TW Steel CE5005 –which is now discounted- was totally different from the CE4002. It has a minimalistic appearance but is Swiss made and contains an automatic ETA movement.

Newest watch

David Coulthard’s newest TW Steel watch –the TW Steel CE4020 – looks like his first model. The black and silver colors make the difference.

TW Steel TW312 TW Steel TW312

Kelly Rowland watches

After some racing ambassadors, Kelly Rowland was the first singing TW Steel ambassador. The first 2 watches from the former Destiny’s Child singer were striking. Bright pink and blue colors made the TW Steel CE4006 and the TW Steel CE4007 exciting ladies watches.

Totally different

Kelly’s newest watch –the TW Steel TW312- is totally different. It’s only 40 millimeter big and has a stainless steel strap. However, it’s amazing!

TW Steel TW313 TW Steel TW313

TW Steel Mitchell Niemeijer watch

One of the latest TW Steel ambassadors is the Dutch DJ Mitchell Niemeyer. His TW Steel TW313 watch has the same shape as the new Kelly Rowland watch but is 45 millimeter big. A beautiful men’s watch with Niemeijer’s tattoo on the dial. A very personal watch, but so cool.