Vintage watches: 'The older the look, the better’

Welder 3600 vintage watch Welder 3600 vintage watch

Vintage watches. More and more watch brands release Vintage watches these days. For fans of these watches, it should feel like the golden age. Our newest vintage models are manufactured by Welder watches. Their motto seems to be ‘The older the look, the better’.

This week we have been able to add 4 new Welder watches to our collection. Three of which were real vintage watches. The Welder 3600 and 3602 have a brown frame and a black/brown worn out dial that appears to be scratched.

TW Steel TWA203 automatic watch TW Steel TWA203 automatic watch

Their little brother, the Welder 3601, has the same appearance in combination with a gilded accent. That historical look is what Welder excels in. The price of this watch is 690 euros, but that will get you a watch designed by Italo Fontana, famous for the U-Boat watches.

U-Boat is another brand that is highly adept in creating vintage watches. What do you think of the Chimera watches? The combination of brown and brass is a brilliant find. But the U-Boat U-42 vintage watch models are not to be overlooked either.

Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch Lenzers LEW201U one hand watch

Are you looking for a Vintage watch in a cheaper price class? TW Steel has two beautiful automatic watches, the TW Steel TWA203 and TWA202. Or how about the more modern looking MWG Vintage-01 by the Molarity Watch Group? And, of course, the Lenzers LEW201, an one hand watch that should definitely be included in this category. Also, the Aeromatic A1401 can be yours for a mere 99 euros. I have been mulling over the fact if I should add Retrowerk watches to the list of Vintage watches. I have decided not to do so, because retro is not automatically vintage in my opinion. But you have the right to disagree.