Watch lost? Check your dog!

a fat dogIf you will loose your watch in the future and there is a dog in your house… First check your dog! The British bar owner Terry Morgan must have thought the same. His favorit watch was lost and he couldn’t find it anywhere. Till the moment he heard the alarm of his watch somewhere under his dog…

When the man pushed the dog away the watch wasn’t under the dog. There was only one possibility left. Charlie eat it. But a emergency surgery costs £1000. Quite expensive. The look at the needle of the syringe for the anesthetic was enough for Charlie. The dog started to howl en coughed till the watch came out of his mouth.

Sounds like a good end. Quite a good end. Terry Morgan is very happy that he got his watch back. But according to The Mirror he had to pay £200 for the X-rays. No problem for Morgan. It seems that he and the dog are still friends.