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What watch does James Bond wear?

Breitling watch James Bond James Bond watch

Do you want to know which watches James Bond '007' wore in recent years? You read it here. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig in 'No Time to Die'.

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How do I set the second hand of my chronograph watch?

Is the second hand of your chronograph watch no longer correctly positioned at 12? You may think your watch is broken, but luckily it isn't! With these tips you can set your chronograph properly again.

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This Swiss Alpine Military watch is XXL!

Mens watches Swiss Alpine Swiss Alpine Military

The Swiss Alpine Military 7032.9879 watch is huge in size and remarkable in specs & color. The price is also striking, and: not that huge!

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New! Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust watches

Frosted Star Dust Mens watches Paul Rich

New at WatchXL: Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust: ice cold design, watches with a unique look. Are you cool enough for these timepieces?

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How to shorten your watch strap

How do you shorten your watch strap? How to remove strap links? In this blog we'll show you how to shorten a watch strap with strap links.

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