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Showroom watches

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Showroom watches

View our showroom watches: demo watches from, among others, TW Steel that are just not completely flawless, but often still as good as new. Sometimes a small scratch on the case, usually there is not much to see. However, these showroom watches are a lot cheaper so that you benefit optimally!

1 year warranty on showroom watches

All showroom models come with a 1 year warranty. Of course, showroom watches can also be exchanged or refunded within 60 days (if they have not been worn).

Affordably a perfect watch

All showroom timepieces run perfectly, of course. We do not sell second-hand watches, but we find these demo watches no longer suitable for selling new. Ideal if you are looking for a nice watch that you can enjoy for a long time to come.

Prefer a new watch?

View our range of new brand watches for men and women.

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