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Bulova Watches

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Bulova Watches

WatchXL is an official dealer of American Bulova watches. This beautiful watch brand has an inspiring history of more than 140 years. Craftsmanship, innovation and technology make these watches unprecedentedly popular around the world. The design of each Bulova watch is unique, the technology groundbreaking.

Exclusive high-performance technology

In a Bulova watch, exceptional design, high performance technology and durability go hand in hand. Superb and innovative at the same time is the Bulova collection.

Bulova: affordable watchmaking

You can't be first in everything, but this American watch brand almost is. These watches are hugely innovative and cutting-edge. The hand of the master can be recognised in every Bulova watch. Produced with care and attention at an absurdly affordable price.

3-year warranty on every Bulova watch

Every timepiece comes with a 3-year warranty. This covers manufacturing defects and faults not caused by dropping or bumping or misuse. Watch straps and glass damage are excluded from the warranty. WatchXL is an official watch dealer of this beautiful brand and guarantees you perfect service and expertise before and after your watch purchase.

The history of Bulova watches

With a history of over 140 years, Bulova is one of the leading companies in the industry. From its beginnings in 1875, the brand has been a pioneering pioneer and American classic.

Bulova: American ingenuity

From the moment Joseph Bulova opened his first shop on Maiden Lane in Manhattan - then the centre of the jewellery industry in New York - his unique vision revolutionised timekeeping. He built a solid foundation for the company based on quality and craftsmanship - with a passion for innovation and perfection. This is how Bulova changed the industry through authenticity and American ingenuity.

Bulova watch - Bulova Moon watch

Bulova watch: ready for the future!

Bulova has stayed true to its tradition - it has mastered the classic art of timekeeping and is always ready for the future.

A Bulova watch: not just a watch - a piece of history!

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