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Eco-Drive watches

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Eco-Drive watches

An Eco Drive watch is a timepiece equipped with a solar cell. Eco-Drive was developed by Citizen and these models are very reliable, innovative and accurate. With an Eco-Drive, you never have to change a battery again and also, as with an automatic watch, you don't have to necessarily wear the watch. A fully charged Eco-Drive can sometimes go up to 300 days without light. Of course, this depends on the type of watch. Has the watch run out of energy anyway? Put it back in the light and it will restart automatically.

Watch with solar cell that you can't see

Of course, a solar cell as a watch face is not very pretty to look at. Fortunately, the light-sensitive cell of an Eco-Drive watch is not visible and in most models is placed under the dial or placed around the watch face.

No more battery changes

So the biggest advantage of these watches is that you will never have to change a battery again. An Eco-Drive always runs, provided it is fully charged. Every ray of light is enough to power the watch. This may also be artificial light because the watch generates energy even from very weak light. Almost all Citizen watches in our range feature an Eco-Drive movement. Of course this is mentioned with the watch.

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