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Titanium watches

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Titanium watches

Titanium watches possess very special properties: they are a lot stronger, more scratch-resistant and much lighter than "ordinary" steel watches. In addition, titanium watches are also very suitable for people who get allergic reactions from steel: titanium watches are anti-allergic.

Titanium watch or steel watch, what's the difference?

A titanium watch is a lot stronger and more resistant to corrosion. The titanium has a much lower density than steel so you achieve the same strength with less weight. Titanium can withstand very low and very high temperatures, which is why titanium is often used in aviation and space travel. It's also very light, which comes in handy when building a rocket or an aeroplane!

Titanium watches

If you choose a watch made of titanium, you choose a skin-friendly, light and strong watch. Several brands have titanium timepieces in their range. WatchXL also has a wide range of titanium watches from Citizen. There are also titanium-coated steel watches. This, of course, is not the same.

Super titanium watches from Citizen

At WatchXL, you will also find Citizen Super Titanium watches. This material is 5 times harder than steel, very light in weight and very comfortable to wear. Super Titanium is obtained by additionally hardening the surface of the material. This makes super titanium watches even more scratch-resistant, lighter and corrosion-resistant. Also, the anti-allergic properties of a Citizen Super Titanium watch are even better than a 'regular' titanium watch.


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