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5 top chronograph watches

Geplaatst op 14-02-2024 door Marc Hut

Have you set your sights on a chronograph watch? Are you looking for a good wristwatch with a stopwatch, a high-quality chronograph? Then you have come to the right place at WatchXL! We have lots of chronograph watches in our range. In this WatchXL News, we present our top 5 of the best chronograph watches you can buy from us. Here, we have taken quality, design and functionality into account. Below you will find our top 5, including the Citizen JY8100-80L, the Versace VEV700619, the Philipp Plein PWCAA0821, the Citizen CB5887-55h and the Bulova 97B168. Whether or not you use the stopwatch function: a chronograph is also just beautiful to look at!

Citizen JY8100-80L Promaster Sky chronograaf radiogestuurd Eco-Drive heren horloge 45,4 mm

1. Citizen JY8100-80L most versatile chronograph

The Citizen JY8100-80L is one of our most versatile and powerful chronographs we currently have in stock. Incidentally, this chronograph watch can not only be used as a chronograph but also includes other functions such as an alarm, stopwatch and world time display. The JY8100-80L is also made of high-quality materials and has a modern design. Citizen is a Japanese watch brand known for the high quality of its watches. We sometimes say: you wear a Citizen for life! At least they don't break down easily.

Plus points:
+ Versatile: This watch offers numerous functions such as alarm, stopwatch and world time display
+ High-quality materials: durable and robust design
+ Modern design: stylish and trendy, suitable for different occasions

Versace VEV700619 Chrono Classic heren horloge chronograaf 44 mm

2. Versace VEV700619 Italian styled chronograph watch

The Versace VEV700619 is a luxury chronograph that stands out for its refined and elegant design. A very different kind of watch to the Citizen already described above. A Versace is often chosen because one really goes for the brand. But with Versace, quality is certainly not lost sight of. This Italian-style chronograph has an excellent Swiss movement and sapphire crystal. The watch has a robust gold-coloured stainless steel case that combines beautifully with the blue dial. The VEV700619 is a must-have for lovers of Italian design.

Plus points:
+ Elegant design: sophisticated and stylish
+ High-quality materials: scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and robust stainless steel case
+ Unique brand: exclusive look thanks to the Versace brand

Philipp Plein PWCAA0821 Nobile Wonder horloge 43 mm

3. Philipp Plein PWCAA0821 chrono from a designer brand

Like the Versace, the Philipp Plein PWCAA0821 is a timepiece made by a designer brand. This Philipp Plein is a cool and eye-catching chronograph that perfectly matches a modern and trendy outfit. The watch has a case made of high-quality stainless steel and is finished with a beautiful leather strap. The PWCAA0821 is suitable for men who like a tough and rugged style but you have to 'fall for' Philipp Plein's challenging design.

Plus points:
+ Tough design: striking case made of high-quality stainless steel
+ High-quality materials: robust and durable
+ Unique design: exclusive and trendy thanks to the Philipp Plein brand

Citizen CB5887-55H Promaster Sky Radio Controlled horloge 42 mm

4. Citizen CB5887-55h chronograph with Eco-Drive

We can never get enough of Citizen watches. For the true watch lover, this brand is simply an indispensable addition to his or her range. Reliable, innovative and very well-equipped are the watchwords of this Japanese brand. The Citizen CB5887-55h is thereby from the Citizen range a somewhat tougher chronograph. A stylish timepiece suitable for various occasions with handy functions on board such as Eco-Drive, Eternal Calendar, World Time, stopwatch and power reserve indicator. In addition, this watch is radio-controlled, so it always runs exactly on time thanks to the atomic clock! The watch has a tough black case made of stainless steel and has a solid and well-fitting steel watch strap. The CB5887-55h is a perfect choice for men who love a tough watch.

Plus points:
+ Water resistant to a whopping 200 metres
+ High-quality materials: high-quality stainless steel case and strap
+ Functional: offers comprehensive functions such as a stopwatch and date display

Bulova 97B168 Marine Star Chronograaf heren horloge 43 mm

5. Bulova 97B168 a sporty chrono of very good quality

The Bulova 97B168 is a stylish and sporty chronograph suitable for various activities. The Bulova brand is as old as the road to Rome and makes excellent watches that are very reliable in both durability and timekeeping. This Bulova Marine Star chronograph watch has a robust gold-tone stainless steel case and is finished with a durable mineral glass. Looking for a watch that can also withstand a splash of water? Then the 97B168 is a good choice as the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters. This watch also has a diving ring and a supple silicone watch strap with leather finish, a watch strap that can withstand water well and won't get ugly easily.

Plus points:
+ Sporty design: robust waterproof case with diving ring
+ Functional: offers various functions such as stopwatch and date display
+ High-quality materials: durable and robust design

Whether you are looking for a versatile and powerful chronograph, a luxurious and elegant watch or, on the contrary, more of a tough and eye-catching timepiece: at WatchXL, you will find your new wristwatch. If you still have questions after reading this WatchXL news, feel free to let us know. We will be happy to advise you on the many products we sell.

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