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9 common mistakes when buying a watch

Geplaatst op 08-07-2022 door Frank Andringa

Going to buy a new watch? Prepare well beforehand. After all, many people often make a number of mistakes. We list the nine most common mistakes so they don't have to happen to you.

9 common mistakes when buying a watch

1. Choose a watch brand of your likings

Some watch brands produce better watches than others. This is common knowledge. Therefore, do not buy a watch just for the reason that it has a nice brand on it. In general, a watch brand that specifically specialises in watches produces better watches than a fashion brand.

Want more assurance? Browse through reviews on the internet and judge whether a brand is reliable this way. Nobody who buys a new watch wants to have it repaired within a few months, right?

2. Don't buy fake brand watches!

A nice branded watch for just a few tenner? Your inner alarm should go off immediately: this is wrong. Watch brands that normally only make watches worth thousands of euros really don't suddenly come onto the market with a model costing a few ten.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you have bought a poor-quality watch. But in many cases, you do buy a cat in the bag. Water in the watch, glass that cracks or a movement that suddenly gives up. Unfortunately, you don't get a warranty with a fake watch. So you often have to pay for a repair out of your own pocket. And as a result, such a cheap watch can suddenly become a very expensive one.

3. Find the cheapest watch of bad quality

You have seen a nice watch and want to buy it. Good idea to check if there might be another shop on the internet that sells them far below the price. Well, good idea? In practice, there are often a lot of drawbacks attached that you might not see at first. How is it possible that a company can offer a watch so much cheaper than the competition? What about customer service and warranty? Is the watch genuine? How long is the delivery time? This is why it is wise to buy your watch from a reliable dealer.

9 common mistakes when buying a watch

4. Ordering a watch that is too big (or to small)

Ordering a watch on the internet is of course easy. But it is difficult to estimate the actual size of the watch. The specifications will tell you how many millimetres the diameter is, but what does that mean exactly? That is the distance from one side of the case to the other. When you measure this and put that distance on your wrist, you get a good idea of how big the watch will be.

By the way, it is no problem at all if you buy a watch that is too big. If the watch is unworn and turns out to be too big, you can always return it and - if possible - exchange it for a smaller model.

5. Not paying attention to the return conditions

What about the return conditions? In many cases, the trial period, the time during which you may return the watch unworn, is 14 days. If you send it back later, the online shop probably won't take back your purchase. Personally, we think a 14-day trial period is too short.

That is why we use a 60-day trial period. That gives you enough time to decide, or possibly buy the watch in time and give it to someone as a gift.

Veelgemaakte fouten kopen horlogeCheck reviews because..... Not every shop is reliable!

6. Buying on a dubious website

Unfortunately, dubious websites still exist. Sites where you pay a lot of money for a watch, while your purchase is never delivered. But how can you be sure you are buying your package from a trustworthy site? If an offer is too good to be true, it often is. Is the site full of spelling mistakes? Unreliable. Before you buy, check whether the site lists a Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number and read the terms and conditions on, for example, delivery, payment and returns.

Also pay attention to whether a website is affiliated with organisations such as Thuiswinkel.org. If necessary, contact these organisations so you can check whether the shop you want to buy from can be trusted. Do you have doubts? Then prefer to buy your watch elsewhere or use a credit card, which means your purchases are always insured.

7. Not paying attention to the watch

Did you buy a watch and find that it is not working when receiving it? Annoying! It might mean one of three things. Either you received a watch with a dead battery, the movement is broken or it has an automatic movement. Anyway: contact the shop where you bought it immediately. They should offer you a solution. Maybe a replacement or a fast repair. This is called: warranty!

Maybe you ordered an automatic watch or an Eco-Drive? From a photo, you often can't tell the difference between a watch with an automatic movement, Eco-Drive or a quartz watch. Know what you want to buy beforehand. A quartz watch contains a battery. With a full battery, the watch will display the time correctly for two to five years. This depends on the movement inside the watch. 

If you buy an automatic watch, you buy a watch without a battery. The watch winds itself. When it is fully wound, it will be able to run for 24 to 40 hours without you having to move it. An Eco-Drive watch needs to be charged before you start using it. Charging might take a couple of hours sunlight or days in artificial light. Keep this in mind before contacting the seller.

Do you not wear your watch regularly? Then it is better to have a quartz watch. Or for your automatic watch, buy a watchwinder, which will ensure that the movement does not stop.

8. Not checking your watch upon receipt

Have you received a new watch? Then immediately check that it is completely to your liking. When checking it before packing, it can happen that the packer overlooks a small damage. Do you discover the damage immediately? Then of course you can return it and get a new watch or get your money back. But if you only discover it after wearing it for a few days, the damage may have occurred in some other way. Then it becomes difficult for the webshop to take the watch back.

9. Throw away guarantee card

You almost always get a warranty card with your purchase. It is very easy to throw it away, but we recommend not doing so. Most brands attach great importance to the guarantee card when a repair needs to be carried out. Therefore, never throw away your warranty card, but keep it carefully.

Would you like to know more about a particular watch in our shop, the delivery time of your order, the warranty conditions or do you have other questions? Please contact WatchXL.

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