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Citizen watch second hand moves with 2 second intervals

Geplaatst op 07-06-2021 door Marc Hut

Are you unable to use the functions like the chronograph of your Citizen Eco-Drive watch? Does the second hand move with 2 second intervals instead of 1 second? Well, fortunately, there is nothing wrong with your Eco-Drive. It just means the watch has insufficient charge to function as it should.

Rechargeable Eco-Drive

Your Citizen Eco-Drive watch is ecquiped with a rechargeable cell. Light, sunlight or any other kind of light, will charge the watch. If it does not have sufficient charge, most Citizen watches (for example the ones with a Citizen Miyota  B6x and B8143 movement) will indicate this with the movement of the second hand. Instead of moving in 1 second intervals, the second hand will move in 2 second intervals.

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This Insufficient Charge Warning Function is the cause of this strange movement of the second hand. Also, you will be unable to use functions like the chronograph.

The solution? Charge your Citizen Eco-Drive!

The solution of this problem is very simple: charge your Eco-Drive. Be sure to immediately fully charge your timepiece by exposing it to light. Without charging it, the watch will continue with its two-second interval movement until the battery is fully depleted and then come to a stop.

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