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How to shorten your watch strap

Geplaatst op 06-09-2021 door Marc Hut

Does your watch not fit around your wrist? Is it to big? In this blog we'll show you how to shorten a watch strap with strap links. A small job and with these tips and tricks you'll be able to do it your self. 

Horlogeband inkorten doe je zelf zo verstel je de sluiting

Option 1:
Shorten your watch strap: Adjust the clasp

Before you remove links from the strap: first check out if it is possible to adjust the watch clasp. 
Adjusting the closure of the watch strap is often a good way to tighten the strap a little bit. For example, if your watch has a closure with pushpins, you can remove the pushpins by using some sharp tool like a pin or even better a strap tool (see photo below). If possible, change the pin to another hole in the closure. This might actually be the easiest way to shorten your watch strap. It'll make the closure a bit tighter and, hopefully, the watch will then fit better on your wrist afterwards.


Option 2:
Removing strap links, this is how to do it

A good method to shorten your watch strap is to remove one or more links from the strap. The best way to do this is to use a strap tool, if you have one. If you do not have a strap tool, you can find them on the internet for really cheap prices. 
Always start at the bottom of the watch (the 6 o'clock position) and only remove the links marked with an arrow (Some watch brands do not have arrows though). Be aware that some watch brands, like TW Steel, Tauchmeister, do not use pins but small screws. You need to unscrew these and you can not push them out of the strap (See option 3).

If you need to remove more then one link, we advice you to remove one link out of the strap that is attached to the upper side of your watch and the other link out of the part of the strap that is attached to the bottom of your watch. 

Step-by-step plan for shortening the watch strap:

  • Find out how many links you need to remove and use the strap tool (rotate the strap tool all the way out)
  • Put the watch in the strap tool. Place the correct link in front of the pin that is the end of the strap tool. Make sure to push the pin as directed by the arrow on the link
  • Push the pin out of the link by rotating the strap tool
  • Repeat this for the second pin that is inside the link
  • Reconnect the strap again by attaching both ends of the strap to each other. You'll then need to push the pin firmly into the loose link ends
  • Make sure you press the pin in the opposite direction of the arrow
  • Make sure the pin is properly seated in the link. Use a tool like a small plastic hammer for the last part of the pin, make sure not to damage the strap
  • If you want to remove more than 1 link, remove a link on both sides of the strap

Option 3:
Remove strap links attached with a screw

Some watch brands, such as TW Steel and Tauchmeister, use small screws to connect the links to each other. So these links do not contain a pin that needs to be pushed out. Shortening a watch strap with screws is really not that difficult. You just need to rotate the screw by use one or two small screwdrivers.

Horlogeband inkorten: schakel met schroefjes

Be aware: do not scratch your strap!

If you rotate the screws counter clockwise, you'll be able to remove the strap link in no time. Be careful not to scratch the steel. You might want to add a small piece of tape onto the strap surrounding the pin as to protect the steel. You can remove the tape afterwards.

Horlogeband inkorten horlogeband inkorter

Free watch strap tool with your WatchXL order

WatchXL supplies a free watch strap tool with every order containing a watch that needs a strap tool to remove the links. This device will enable you to shorten the watch strap with ease!

We hope these tips and tricks will make it easy for you to shorten your watch strap. 

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