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Open a watch? This is how you do it!

Geplaatst op 03-01-2024 door Marc Hut

Are you wondering if your watch battery has died and if you're considering replacing it? For most watches, it's a straightforward process you can handle on your own. Whatever your reason for wanting to access the inside of your watch, armed with the appropriate tools and guidance, it's a relatively simple task. However, it's essential to consider your watch's warranty status. If your watch is still under warranty, it's wise to reach out to the store where you purchased it before attempting any repairs yourself. Otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty, which can be frustrating. Read here how you open your watch

This is how you open your watch

You might have noticed that watches typically have a back lid, but the method to open it varies based on its attachment. It could be secured with small screws, a clasp, or a threaded lid. For the first type, you'll need a small screwdriver, while the second requires careful 'popping' open, preferably using a plastic tool or, if necessary, a flat screwdriver. Take care not to cause any damage to the watch during this process.

Please note that WatchXL watches cannot be held responsible for any errors, damages, or issues resulting from the opening of watches, especially within the warranty period. Any attempts to access or repair your watch are undertaken at your own risk and may void the warranty provided by WatchXL watches. We recommend consulting a professional or contacting our support team for guidance before attempting any repairs or modifications.

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Useful tools to open your watch: Watch Case Openers

The majority of watches feature a threaded lid that can be effortlessly unscrewed using two specialized watch case openers. These are not literal balls but rather two small tools, each slightly smaller than a tennis ball. By using these tools to grip the watch and simultaneously turning them in opposite directions, you can easily unscrew the lid. This method is both straightforward and safe, minimizing the risk of scratching the steel casing while opening the watch.

This is how you open your watch

You can purchase these specialized tools online for just a few euros. Simply search for 'watch case openers' on Google. It's a quirky yet useful tool!

If these tools don't prove effective, opt for a steel watch case opener. The lid typically features small notches (refer to the picture below), and this specific tool helps unscrew it. Exercise caution, as it's easy to slip and inadvertently scratch the watch casing!

How to open a watch - This is how you open your watch

Not sure if you'll be able to do this job? Just visit a local jeweler and ask them to open your watch and replace the battery. 

Managed to open your watch?

Ensure the rubber gasket remains in its position (and remember to reinstall it correctly before sealing the watch again). This step is crucial for maintaining the watch's waterproofing. Proceed to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

Take note of the plastic protective ring located inside the watch. This ring serves various functions, including securing the watch and likely covering the battery compartment.

Struggling to access the battery due to the plastic protective ring obstructing it? In this case, you'll need to remove this protective plastic first. Here's how: Extend the crown fully and carefully remove the plastic ring while keeping a finger on the watch to prevent it from coming loose along with the ring. This precaution ensures the watch remains in place while you remove the protective ring.

This is how you open your watch

Installing the new battery in your watch

Once you've successfully accessed the battery, ensure you replace it with the same type. With numerous button cell batteries available, verify that you've obtained the correct one. Check the type indicated on the top of the old battery, such as SR626SW, SR621SW, or SR916, for instance.

Steps to reassemble the watch after battery replacement

Reattach the plastic protective Ring
Upon replacing the battery, remember to reattach the plastic protective ring. Note: In the case of a chronograph watch, this ring also houses two chronograph buttons. Ensure their correct positioning.

Secure the Rubber gasket properly
The rubber gasket sits between the case and the cover, preventing moisture from penetrating the watch. Ensure it is correctly repositioned. During the lid screwing process, take care to prevent the gasket from getting caught between the threads.

Carefully screw the lid back on
Place the lid back in position and carefully hand-tighten it initially. Then, use watch balls or another appropriate tool to securely fasten the lid.

Waterproofing test consideration

When the gasket is correctly replaced, and the lid is securely closed, the watch should regain its waterproofing capabilities. However, we cannot guarantee this. Especially for watches designed with significant water resistance, it might be advisable to visit a jeweler or watchmaker. They may conduct a waterproofness test to ensure its efficacy.

Tip: a watch without a battery

Hopefully, your watch will keep running on time for a long time. A new battery should really last 2 years. And don't want all this hassle? Then get a watch without a battery. 

An automatic watch, a Kinetic or a Citizen Eco-Drive. The latter runs on the smallest ray of light, also very handy!

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