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Super Titanium Watches: these are the advantages

Geplaatst op 17-01-2022

The beautiful Citizen Super Titanium watches are among the most special watches in our webshop. As you might know, titanium by itself is an unique material. But what makes Citizens Super Titanium so special and what is the difference with the 'normal' titanium? Citizen has always strived for innovation in technology and use of materials. In 1970 Citizen presented the world's first watch made of solid titanium. This model was very lightweight, hypoallergenic and stainless. In this blog you can read about the benefits of Citizen Super titanium.

Titanium watch: strong and scratch-resistant

As you might know, titanium is a very hard, strong and lightweight material. No wonder the United States Airforce Blackbird SR-71 aircraft was made of this material, and no wonder watch brands use this metal to produce watches with unique properties for the benefit of wearing pleasure. A titanium watch is more durable then a stainless steel model.

Citizen Super Titanium these are the benefits BN4021-02E men's watch

Anti-allergic, light in weight

One of the big advantages of titanium is the fact that compared to stainless steel it is a lot lighter in weight. Titanium is also anti-magnetic and anti-allergic. If you ever had any skin rash from a steel watch then you should consider a watch made of titanium. You probably will not have skin issues with this material. And good to know: titanium does not rust, it'll remain in perfect condition even after it has been in contact with water. 

Citizen Super Titanium: super-hard material

So, now that you know something about the advantages of titanium, what about Super Titanium? What is so different about this Citizen invention that ads to the benefits we already know of titanium? Well, the most important feature of Super Titanium is the fact that the surface of this material is treated with Duratect: a super-hard surface treatment. The Duratect ads even better properties to the already perfect titanium. 

Citizen Super Titanium these are the benefits Citizen JY8100-80L Promaster watch

Citizen Promaster Sky radio controlled watch

Scratch resistant: 5x harder than steel

We explained to you the scratch resistance of titanium. In all a watch made of this excellent metal is 5 times harder then steel. With that info in the back of your mind, note that Super Titanium is even more scratch-resistant. The Super Titanium Duratect treatment protects the watch even better and is even more resistant to corrosion than titanium is. That's perfect, because even if you treat your watch with respect, you must have bumped it to some surface by accident once in a while. How many scratches on your watch can you find of which you do not know how they originated?

Citizen Super Titanium watch


40% lighter than steel

Another advantage of Super Titanium: a Citizen watch made of this metal is about 40% lighter than steel. You hardly notice that you are wearing a watch at all. 

Citizen Super Titanium: These are the benefits

Citizen Super Titanium chrono

Super Titanium: looks great, feels perfect!

A watch made of Super Titanium will always look good as long as you take good care of it. The material does not discolour, not even after contact with salt water. It'll remain a watch that will look just like when you just bought it. 


Super Titanium watches: an excellent choice. Watches made of a strong, durable, material that'll last almost forever!

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