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The 10 most beautiful Versace watches: elegant luxury!

Geplaatst op 23-11-2023 door Marc Hut

In the world of luxury fashion and sophisticated accessories, Versace watches are undeniably iconic. An Italian designer brand that everyone knows and that has built a reputation for stunning designs. And the same goes for Versace watches: every Versace watch is the icing on the cake for your outfit. But there are so many Versace models available, just try to make a good choice from them. In this Watch News, you will be introduced to 10 of the most beautiful and popular Versace men's watches. Guaranteed to complement your outfit and make a statement of luxury and elegance!

Versace VERD00518 Palazzo heren horloge 43 mm

10. Versace VERD00518 Palazzo, striking elegance

With its detailed black strap and signature dial with a mega-sized Versace Medusa head on top, this watch is one of Versace's most striking. The large Medusa logo screams for attention, which of course is exactly what you want: after all, you don't wear Versace inconspicuously, and inconspicuous is certainly not to be called this model.

This Versace VERD00518 Palazzo model has no functions such as a chronograph, date or tachymeter. No, with this men's watch, everything is focused on that beautiful dial. However, this Palazzo watch does have a Swiss movement and sapphire crystal, and it is waterproof enough to take a shower with it.

Versace VE5CA0423 Chrono Sporty horloge 46 mm

9. VE5CA0423 Chrono Sporty

Much sportier looking and also quite a bit bigger is this Versace VE5CA0423 Chrono Sporty. The case diameter is a whopping 46 mm. This Versace has a reliable Swiss movement that guarantees accurate timekeeping and drives the chronograph with date. We know that Versace watches with a green dial score extremely well.

For the real aficionado, this Chrono Sporty model is a very good choice. Doesn't the colour appeal to you anyway, this collection includes several models in various colours. Of course, the VE5CA0423 is also equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It is also waterproof: up to 5ATM. An undeniably cool men's watch that exudes power but combined with Italian design!

Versace VEV901823 Icon Classic horloge 42 mm

8. VEV901823 Icon Classic

The VEV901823 collection is 'Classic' and it shows: this is a more classic-looking watch. Looking for a Versace watch without too much fuss that just does what a good watch should do (show the time)? Then this Icon Classic model is definitely a good choice. Not a big eye-catching clock but a subtle men's watch with a case diameter of 42 mm. But yes, it is and remains a Versace and you should be able to tell that from it.

So this Icon Classic model also has that image of the Italian brand in the form of the Medusa head. The Greek Greca is also immediately recognisable, of course. This Versace watch embodies the perfect balance between modernity and classic elements with a tough black undertone. A Swiss movement drives the hands and sapphire crystal is not missing either. A special men's watch suitable for anyone with refined tastes.

Versace VESO01223 Sporty Greca horloge 46 mm

7. Versace VESO01223 Sporty Greca

At the time of writing, the Versace VESO01223 Sporty Greca was just new at WatchXL and we looked at it with admiration. The standard product photos on the website don't really do this model justice. The men's watch is much more beautiful in 'real life' than in the photo. Of course, this is also the tricky thing about an online watch shop: how do you convey this to the potential customer? Fortunately, any watch you don't like can be returned within 60 days, maybe this makes the choice a bit easier.

The VESO01223 is quite large: it measures 46 mm. On board, of course, is a Swiss Made movement that provides accurate timekeeping, drives the chronograph and also shows the date on the dial. All that, of course, in the recognisable Versace sauce with Greek Greca and a Medusa head. Sapphire glass ensures that you can continue to watch the beautiful blue dial scratch-free in the future. A masterpiece of understated glamour with gold-tone elements here and there. This watch exudes sporty class!

Versace VE7CA0323 Chrono Geo horloge 43 mm

6. Versace VE7CA0323 Chrono Geo

Also new and also really striking is this Versace VE7CA0323 Chrono Geo. That gold-coloured case matches perfectly with the blue silicone strap and blue dial. This men's watch has a sturdy case with a diameter of 43 mm. Handy are the luminous hands that you can easily read even in the dark. It's that beautiful look that does it for this watch.

The colour scheme of this model is very similar to the Bulova 97B168 Marine Star, one of our most popular watches. It is one of those models that you actually know in advance that it is going to be a popular model. Like basically all Versace watches, this Chrono Geo model has sapphire crystal and a Swiss movement. A chronograph can sometimes come in handy and that's why it's on this watch.

Is this watch (waterproof to 5ATM) suitable for swimming? No, it isn't. But showering or bathing is no problem.

Versace VE5CA0723 Chrono Sporty horloge 46 mm

5. Versace VE5CA0723 Chrono Sporty

Even more Chrono Sporty models in this top 10: the Versace VE5CA0723 has the same sporty looks as the number 2 in our list but thanks to the black case with gold-coloured elements, this watch is a bit tougher. And eye-catching too!

Thanks to its colour and size (46 mm case diameter), you won't wear this wristwatch without catching glances. A showpiece on your wrist, with chronograph and date, a Swiss movement and sapphire crystal, of course. It's nice that this same model is available in various colourways because tastes differ, of course.

Versace VEV602023 Chrono Signature heren horloge 44 mm

4. Versace VEV602023 Chrono Signature

This Chrono Signature watch from Versace appeared on the market last summer and has been in our stock ever since. It is very similar to the most popular Versace of all time, the VEV600619, more on that later. As far as we are concerned, this handsome new bicolour Chrono Signature sets a high standard among Versace enthusiasts and is a real standout, thanks in part to its beautiful green dial. This model is a men's watch that does well thanks to the mix of gold and silver tones. It exudes timeless elegance, combined with sporty undertones.

The green dial is like a gemstone, it shines, it mirrors and it shimmers. Under the hood, of course, a Swiss movement and, of course, in this model, sapphire crystal. The functions this men's watch has are of course the time display but the VEV602023 can also be used as a stopwatch/chronograph. A Versace has to be all about the looks and if there is one Versace watch that can speak of good 'looks' it is this model.

Versace VEAG00122 Dylos automatisch horloge 42 mm

3. Versace VEAG00122 Dylos automatic

Combining design and quality, this Versace VEAG00122 watch has been in our shop for some time now. It is not a model that is sold that much at the moment, which is mainly due to its price. It is a bit more expensive: this is a men's watch with a Swiss automatic movement. Also one with 25-jewels: synthetic sapphires or rubies that act as bearings in this mechanical movement. The striking design of the case and the detailed dial are very nice and almost make this watch a true work of art.

The VEAG00122 Dylos has sapphire crystal and also a glass case bottom that makes the mechanical movement clearly visible. The advantage of an automatic is, of course, that you will never have to change a battery. Moving your wrist is enough to make this watch run.

Versace VEV600619 Chrono Signature heren horloge goud 44 mm

2. Versace VEV600619: bestseller!

Classic aesthetics with a modern twist: that's what this Versace VEV600619 Chrono Signature exudes. A hugely cool (and popular) combination of gold and green, plus that sophisticated look of the dial, really make this watch the all the most popular Versace watch of all time. We get it: it's that cool dial in particular that draws attention. And when you wear a Versace, you actually want attention for your watch. It's a brand that shows you off.

This men's watch has a sophisticated finish with shiny stainless steel here and there and matt stainless steel here and there. A chronograph with a Swiss movement and sapphire crystal whose case diameter, at 44 mm, is manageable for any wrist size. For a long time, the VEV600619 would have ranked No 1 on any Versace list in our top 10, but there's a completely new and very much more eccentric watch that has managed to take this spot.

Versace VEZ700922 The Hexagon Chrono horloge 44 mm

1. Versace VEZ700922 Hexagon Chrono

He came, he saw and we were amazed... We never expected this from Versace: such a colourful, eccentric men's watch. Rather, it's a design you'd expect from German designer Philipp Plein. Still, this Hexagon Chrono watch from Versace is a great watch to wear. But inconspicuous on your wrist? Forget it: the VEZ700922 is particularly pronounced and colourful. A showcase of boldness: a symbol of daring elegance. This work of art of a watch has a plastic (polycarbonate) case and a silicone watch strap.

Is this a watch only for men? No, the VEZ700922 is a truly unisex watch, gender-neutral as people like to hear these days. Man or woman, like it and wear it!

This model really is a statement on your wrist. A quality one, by the way: Swiss movement, sapphire crystal... This Versace has it all.

Versace watches are not just timekeepers; they are above all an expression of personal style and sophistication. Without compromising on quality, Versace always manages to create exceptional timepieces. This top 10 reflects the brand's diversity and splendour. Whereby each watch tells its own unique story and leaves a unique impression on lovers of luxury fashion.

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