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Paul Rich Elements

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Paul Rich Elements

The Paul Rich Elements collection is a new and ultra-modern watch design inspired by the forces of nature: Earth, water, fire and air. All Paul Rich Elements watches are available in versions with steel strap, rubber strap and you can choose a quartz movement with battery or an automatic movement that winds itself by your wrist movement.

Paul Rich Elements Earth

With its dark, elegant colour, the Black Moon represents EARTH. This timepiece is perfect for professionals looking for a serious timepiece to complement their office outfit.

Paul Rich Elements Aqua

Aqua Vertigo, through its striking turquoise dial, represents the power of WATER that shapes the world around us.

Paul Rich Elements Howlite

Red Howlite, the symbol of FIRE, is a timepiece for brave and courageous people. The royal gold finish of Red Howlite underlines its premium quality.

Paul Rich Elements Air

Moonlight Crystal is a minimalist timepiece that represents AIR. The silver bracelet of Moonlight Crystal combined with its white dial will instantly brighten and refresh any outfit.

The Paul Rich collections

At WatchXL, you will find the finest collections from the originally American brand. Very special are the Signature and Star Dust watches but the Frosted Star Dust is also unique. The colourful, sleek, Paul Rich models with beautiful link bands or coloured leather watch straps are a feast for the eyes.

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