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The advantages of a watch with sapphire glass

Geplaatst op 14-08-2020 door Marc Hut

Wondering what to choose: sapphire glass or mineral glass? Why should you choose sapphire glass and are there perhaps reasons not to? Sapphire glass is really very hard and it certainly has its advantages. But there might also be a disadvantage. In this blog we briefly explain the advantages of a watch with sapphire glass.

Horloge met saffierglas: Versace VEV600319
The hardest watch glass? Sapphire glass!

You can roughly classify watch glass in four hardnesses: soft, slightly harder, harder and extra hard. In other words: plastic, mineral glass, mineral glass with sapphire coating and sapphire glass. But what is the advantage of a watch with sapphire glass?

Scratches, scratches but no scratches on the sapphire glass!

Whether your glass remains a clear and scratch-free mainly depends on what you are up to with the watch. If, like the author of this story, you are occasionally clumsy and bumsy, you might have collected some scratches on your watch case and watch strap over the years. By accident hit a wall, fortget to unstrap your watch when starting building projects in and around your house and you just know: the watch will no longer look as it was when you bought it. Well, a watch is for wearing it and to avoid it getting damaged is not easy. The only way to do that is by not wearing it at all. But then you shouldn't  have bought a watch in the first place!

Horloge met saffierglas Citizen JY8100-80L

Sapphire glass: Almost as hard as diamond

The sapphire glass in a watch is so hard that it can withstand more than the steel of the watch ever can. Sapphire is hard enought to allow a bit of clumsiness before that bright dial gets marred by dots and scratches.

In fact, sapphire can only be scratched by two types of mineral and that is sapphire and diamond. Brilliant, right?

Horloge met saffierglas Gc Y44006G2MF

3 times harder than mineral glass

Mineral glass can also tolerate quite a bit, especially when it is coated with a sapphire layer. But sapphire glass is definitely the best choice. Sapphire glass is 3 times as hard than mineral glass.

Horloge met saffierglas TW Steel SVS204

Clear view

Another advantage of sapphire glass is that it is very clear. The glass is very pure and therefore the dial stands out beautifully and is clearly visible. The sapphire glass is made synthetically. The molecules are arranged in such a way that the material has become very hard.

Sapphire glass used to be mainly available in top segment watches, but that is actually no longer the case. Many mid-range timepieces also feature sapphire glass. Most watch brands, like Versace and Gc Watches, have watches with this very hard glass.

When not to choose for sapphire glass?

There may be reasons not to choose sapphire. For example when you dive to great depths. Sapphire glass is very hard, but it is definitely not flexible. That is one of the reasons why some diving watches do not contain sapphire glass but are ecquipped wit mineral glass or plastic. These watches need to be more flexible so they can bend with the water pressure. With sapphire glass, there might be a chance that the glass could break. And you don't want that to happen, not when diving and not on the surface!

We hope this blog will help make it easier for you to choose the right watch.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you further.

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