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Top 8 TW Steel watches, the most popular models

Geplaatst op 09-02-2024 door Marc Hut

For fans of TW Steel watches, there is actually a bit too much choice. Over the years, the Dutch watch brand has launched so many different models and collections that it can be quite difficult to find a watch that suits you from among these Volantes, Canteens, ACE and CEO watches. Therefore, in this Watch News you will find eight of the most popular TW Steel models. Each watch embodies the perfect balance between style, innovation and craftsmanship.

TW Steel VS92

8. TW Steel TWVS92 Fast Lane Special Edition - Vintage Adventure

This men's watch is inexpensive in price and beautiful to look at. With its sporty design dedicated to the World Rally Championship, the TW Steel TWVS92 is certainly also a tribute to adventure. The stylish watch strap of this model is a nice combination of canvas and leather: supple and strong in other words!
The colour scheme of this watch is striking: orange with blue. The shiny bezel is definitely the biggest attention-getter in this respect.
On the dial, don't expect a busy affair with all kinds of chronograph movements, no: this watch simply displays the time and date neatly. Clear and beautifully designed with recognisable Volante dial.

+ FIA World Rally logo on the back
+ Water resistant to 100 metres
+ 45 mm case diameter
+ Reasonably priced
- No chronograph
- No sapphire crystal but sapphire-coated mineral glass

TW Steel CS113

7. TW Steel TWCS113 Canteen Nigel Mansell

The TW Steel TWCS113 is one of the watches made by TW Steel with/for Nigel Mansell. There is gradually already a whole collection of Nigel Mansell models and this model is one of the latest. A handsome Canteen in Renault 5 styling. Connoisseurs of Formula 1 will of course immediately recognise in this the styling of the iconic Red 5 Formula 1 team and Nigel Mansell's William FW14 F1 race car. This TW Steel watch exudes modern minimalism with a sleek stainless steel case and a minimalist dial. Simply, nicely displaying the time and nothing else. But with big, fat, hands and big indexes. That's how we know TW Steel!
The fine finish and reliable functionality make it a timeless companion for any occasion.

+ Nigel Mansell watch
+ Water resistant to 100 metres
+ 45 mm case diameter
+ Affordable in price
- No sapphire crystal but sapphire-coated mineral glass
- No chronograph and date

TW Steel GT11

6. TW Steel TWGT11 Fast Lane: A rally Limited Edition

The TW Steel TW GT11 watch is a bold expression of style with its striking gold-tone accents. An unusual dial with perhaps some strange stripes across it but if you know it you will see it: these must obviously represent the four-point harnesses as you will find them in a World Rally Championship race car. Not so strange because this Limited Edition is an ode to that WRC. One of the odes, we should say, because TW Steel has already dedicated an entire collection to it by now.

The combination of a stainless steel case and a contrasting dial makes this watch a powerful statement. It really is a watch of higher quality: calfskin leather strap with leather, a Swiss movement, Swiss Made and that too, limited. Only 1,000 pieces of it were made worldwide. If the design of this Grand Tech appeals to you, then this watch is a perfect choice for those who love luxury and eye-catching details.

+ Swiss made
+ Opaque sapphire crystal
+ Limited Edition
+ Chronograph and date display
- Pronounced design, does not appeal to everyone
- Quite substantial in size: case diameter 47 mm

TW Steel VS89

5. TW Steel TWVS89 Volante: Subtle Elegance

TW Steel's Fastlane collection is packed with watches that have something to do with motorsport. This TW VS89 is one of them. A very nice one, by the way, with that beautiful orange/blue styling that TW Steel does use more often for its WRC watches. This model is a solid chronograph with a leather strap. Another Limited Edition by the way, there are 1000 of them made worldwide. How many of this model are still in circulation we don't know, but you can wait for it to sell out completely.
This watch is a timeless addition to any collection. Perfect for those who love understated class.

+ FIA Worl Rally Limited Edition
+ Water resistant to 100 metres
+ Chronograph and date display
- No sapphire crystal but sapphire-coated mineral glass
- Quite striking crown and pushers

TW Steel CA2 Carbon

4. TW Steel TWCA2 Carbon: Sporty Dynamics

The TW Steel TWCA2 Carbon is one of the most striking watches from the Carbon collection, TW Steel's latest collection. As such, this watch will not go unnoticed on your wrist. Take it to a match of the Dutch national team, the Dutch hockey team or to a Max Verstappen race and you will be the man.
So unlike most watches, this clock is not made of steel but of carbon. And here you should not think of those sheets of carbon paper but of a really strong and crash-resistant material. In any case, it gives this men's watch a pretty tough look. The bold, white, indexes and minute numerals on the bezel add a touch of 'look at this watch'. This Carbon watch combines sporty dynamism and the rugged construction make this watch ideal for adventurous individuals who like to push the limits. Also on board is a chronograph and date display.

+ Made of high-quality carbon
+ Water-resistant to 100 metres
+ Chronograph and date display
+ Eye-catching rubber strap
- Again, no sapphire crystal but mineral with sapphire coating
- Carbon look does not appeal to everyone

TW Steel CE4081 horloge

3. TW Steel CE4081 CEO Tech: Futuristic Design

Connoisseurs have known it for a long time: TW Steel makes powerhouses. And a powerhouse this TW Steel TWCE4081 is most definitely. It stands out from a lot of other watches with its futuristic design. Not a boring grey mouse but a tough chronograph of very good quality. Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, tachymeter: everything is there. And what we think is so cool: this Swiss chronograph has a steel strap! You don't have that much choice anymore at TW Steel when it comes to watches with steel watch bands.
With a striking dial and unique details, this watch is a bold choice for those who like to be at the forefront of style and technology.

+ Swiss movement
+ Opaque sapphire crystal
+ Chronograph and tachymeter
+ Extended date display with day of the week
- Quite pricey despite good value for money
- Quite striking on your wrist

TW Steel CE4070

2. TWCE4070 Fast Lane Limited Edition watch: Contemporary Classic

We are nearing the end of this top 8 TW Steel watches and in this list, the TW CE4070 certainly does not fail to impress. The TW Steel TWCE4070 is a contemporary classic with its timeless design and high-quality materials. A Swiss chronograph with a solid leather strap where the orange stitching contrasts beautifully. The watch exudes class and is suitable for any occasion, from formal occasions to informal gatherings but it certainly nods back to motorsport.

This Limited Edition features a unique serial number, of course. It has a chronograph, tachymeter and extended date display on board. And of course: sapphire crystal!

+ Swiss movement
+ Chronograph and tachymeter
+ Extended date display with day of the week
+ Water resistant to 100 metres
- Colour is rather dark
- Leather watch strap not so suitable for swimming

TW Steel TW1019

1. TW Steel TW1019 Fast Lane Limited Edition: Iconic Chronograph

The TW Steel TW1019 is the topper in this top 8 as far as we are concerned. Why? It's slightly different from its predecessors but still nods to that first Canteen collection, you know, that time-honoured collection that started everything at TW Steel. But then this is an upgrade of those famous Canteen watches. A men's watch that TW Steel has fitted with, among other things, a Swiss movement and sapphire glass. This TW1019 is a limited production made for Norwegian rally driver Petter Solberg. That collaboration resulted in a sturdy timepiece with a case diameter of a whopping 46 mm that looks even fatter thanks to the rather large crown and pushers.
A bold design and impressive functionality. This watch is a powerful expression of individuality and self-confidence, making it a must-have for lovers of dynamic style.

+ Limited Edition
+ Mirrored sapphire crystal
+ Swiss movement
+ Chronograph, tachymeter and extended date display
- Substantial in size (46 mm)
- Pronounced design

TW Steel and your personal taste

With the top 8 TW Steel watches, you have the opportunity to express your personal style in a unique and timeless way. With which model you will do that, of course, we cannot decide for you. In any case, we advise you to choose a model that suits your taste, combines with your lifestyle or simply fits perfectly with your watch collection!
TW Steel, where time becomes a statement!

The watches from this top 8 can of course be found at WatchXL (while they are still in stock), your TW Steel dealer. Curious about all our TW Steel watches? Then take a look at our TW Steel assortment.

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