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Citizen Promaster Aqualand

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Citizen Promaster Aqualand

Citizen Promaster Aqualand

The Citizen Promaster Aqualand are exceptionally waterproof watches that are great for water sports, professional or hobby divers. These timepieces are often equipped with ideal functions such as depth gauge, decompression alarm and have excellent illuminated hands and indexes so that they can be easily read even underwater.

Going deep with Citizen Promaster Aqualand

No matter how deep you dive, it still goes deeper. Dark depths that remain unreachable for most people. Only a few dare go there, trying again and again and again. Diving into the darkness, where no ray of sunlight reaches down. The passion for adventure and the urge to discover new unseen worlds at the bottom of the ocean drives you.

The benefits of a Citizen Promaster Aqualand watch

  • Water resistance: The Promaster Aqualand watch is designed to be water-resistant to great depths, often to 200 metres or more. This allows divers to use the watch while exploring the underwater world without worrying about water damage.

  • Diving features: Many Promaster Aqualand models are equipped with features specifically designed for divers. For example, it includes a depth gauge that allows divers to measure their current depth or a dive alarm that alerts when dive time or decompression stops need to be observed.

  • Ruggedness and durability: Citizen Promaster watches are known for their rugged construction and durability. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and can withstand shock, vibration and other challenging situations. This makes them ideal for use during water sports activities and adventure pursuits.

  • Solar power: Some Promasters have Citizen's Eco-Drive technology on board, which means the watch is powered by light energy. This means the watch requires no battery change and recharges itself with both natural and artificial light. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also ensures that the watch is always ready for use.

  • Stylish and functional design: In addition to its technical features, the Citizen Promaster Aqualand watch also has an attractive design. It combines style and functionality, with a clearly readable display, distinctive hands and markers, and convenient function buttons. This makes the watch an attractive and practical choice both in and out of the water.

Promaster Aqualand range

In our Citizen Promaster Aqualand range, you will find legendary diving watches with highly modern functions designed to penetrate the deepest depths of the sea. Professional timepieces, often provided with an ISO certificate so you can be sure that you can safely take them with you into the depths.

Citizen diving watches

At WatchXL, you will find the latest Citizen diving watches and you can choose between models with an automatic movement and models with an Eco-Drive movement that manages to extract its energy from light. The watches with built-in depth gauges allow you to keep track of how deep you are, read dive time and maximum dive depth.

Super Titanium diving watches

A Promaster Aqualand watch is a dive watch that is up to any challenge. Some Promasters are even made of Super Titanium, making them even more resistant to salt water. These watches are great for taking into salt water because titanium is much more resistant to salt than ordinary steel.

Curious what other types of Citizen Promasters we have? Find our complete Citizen Promaster range.


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