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8 reasons why you want a Citizen watch

Geplaatst op 16-06-2023 door Marc Hut

Looking for a watch? Then Japanese watch brand Citizen is an excellent choice. Prepare to fall in love with the timeless charm of Citizen watches - timepieces with the very best value for money. A Citizen watch you wear for life, is of very high quality and piece of technological ingenuity. We give you 8 good reasons to choose a Citizen watch.

1. Citizen watches: a watch for life

Venture into the world of Citizen watches, where time and style come together in perfect harmony. A Citizen watch is made to do what you wear a watch for: to tell the exact time. Citizen has a wide range of timepieces, all equipped with technological marvels. A Citizen watch will always meet your needs. These are watches you can wear carefree, comfortably and with pride.

Citizen horloge kopen Citizen TsunoCitizen Tsuno Eco Drive

2. Because you're looking for a technologically perfect watch

Whether you are enchanted by the magic of Eco-Drive, looking for a watch that can withstand the wildest adventures from the Promaster collection, longing for the unparalleled precision of Atomic Timekeeping, or simply want to browse cool watch straps and offers, Citizen timepieces can handle it all.

Citizen horloge met Eco DriveCitizen watch with Eco-Drive

3. Citizen Eco-Drive: because you never want to change batteries again

Citizen Eco-Drive is a signature technology used in Citizen watches. These watches are designed to be powered by light energy, such as natural sunlight or artificial light. What is unique about Eco-Drive is that it requires no battery replacement, as the watch charges itself using the light present.

Citizen horloge kopen waaromOutstanding Citizen diving watches

4. Because you're looking for a watch that is truly waterproof

Citizen offers a popular line of sporty watches under the name Promaster. These watches are specially designed for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Promaster collection includes various models, such as diving watches, pilot watches, watches for outdoor sports and more. For example, diving watches have water-resistant features and are designed to meet the needs of divers.

Citizen pilotenhorlogesCitizen Promaster Sky watch with extended functions

5. Citizen watches: Because you are a pilot and are looking for specific functions

Pilot watches have specific functions for aviation professionals and aviation enthusiasts. If you are interested in a Promaster watch, you can explore our available models, features and prices at WatchXL.co.uk, we are your official Citizen dealer with lots of Citizen Promaster Sky watches available from stock.

Citizen horloge aangestuurd door de atoomklokCitizen watch powered by the atomic clock

6. Citizen Atomic Timekeeping: Because you always want to be on time

Citizen watches with Atomic Timekeeping offer highly accurate timekeeping. These watches are equipped with a feature that allows them to automatically synchronise with atomic clocks. Atomic clocks are the most accurate clocks in the world, and synchronising a watch with these clocks ensures that you always have the right time.

7. Because you'll never want to set summer and winter time yourself again

With Citizen Atomic Timekeeping watches, you don't have to worry about manually adjusting the time, especially during transitions to summer or winter time. Check out the available Citizen watches with atomic timekeeping here.

Citizen horloge voordelig geprijsdCitizen diving watches are available from as little as €199

8. Because for this quality Citizen watches are excellently priced

If you are interested in buying a Citizen watch, it is useful to explore prices and offers before making a purchase. A Citizen watch is high quality and for quality you usually pay more. But the Japanese brand Citizen has been a leader in producing watches with excellent value for money for many years. Buying a Citizen watch means value for money.

Where to buy a Citizen watch?

Different online retailers, jewellers and department stores offer Citizen watches at different prices. In any case, we advise you to always buy from an official dealer because you can then be sure of service by Citizen in case something should happen to the watch in the future (not that we expect this because the quality of these timepieces is outstanding).
Also, always ask if you get the watch delivered in the original watch box, with warranty card and manual. WatchXL is an official Citizen dealer and we supply all watches including luxury watch box, booklet, warranty card and guarantee.

Looking for more information about Citizen watches?

There is a lot of information available online about Citizen watches. For example, in online watch forums, review websites and on social media. Look for experiences and recommendations from other Citizen watch owners to make a good choice. If you have your eye on one of our products, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. WatchXL is happy to help you make a good Citizen purchase!

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