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Radio-controlled watches

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Radio-controlled watches

Citizen Radio Controlled watches are state-of-the-art timepieces that always know the perfect time perfectly. Citizen Atomic Time Keeping watches are the most accurate watches Citizen makes. The transmitter-controlled technology found in a Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled watch ensures that you can read the exact time anytime, anywhere. This multi-band transmitter-controlled system combined with Eco-Drive gives Citizen Radio Controlled watches lightspeed!

Citizen Radio Controlled: driven by atomic clock

The Citizen radio-controlled watches receive a time signal from an atomic clock, so the watch always manages to display the almost exact time. The deviation is actually insignificant: less than 1 second per 1,000,000 years! One thing is certain: with a Radio Controlled Citizen, you really will never be late again! Read how the atomic clock works here.

Citizen Atomic Time Keeping

The Citizen Eco-Drive system is a superior technology created to power the Citizen watch and combined with Atomic time Keeping the best Citizen can offer when it comes to accuracy. The Eco-Drive is solar energy 2.0: more energy from less light. Even from the smallest ray of artificial light, the Eco-Drive manages to replenish its energy supply. The Citizen Radio-Controlled watches are all equipped with the Eco-Drive system.

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