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10 new watches you must see!

Geplaatst op 13-07-2023 door Marc Hut

Looking for a new watch? Or are you curious about what's available at WatchXL? In this WatchXL news, you will find 10 breathtaking watches that have recently appeared new such as new Paul Rich models. A watch brand that always manages to surprise with new designs inspired by the successful Frosted Star Dust watches. TW Steel is also doing well again: a brand-new Red Bull collection has been launched as well as striking Nigel Mansell watches. Our Versace range has also expanded with new women's and men's watches, some of which are really worth checking out. Here are 10 of one most striking new watches:

Nieuwe horloges van WatchXL: Paul Rich FSD20

Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust Azure Dream Silver FSD20 watch

The Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust Azure Dream Silver FSD20 watch is a stylish and functional accessory that is perfect for any occasion. The case and watch strap are fully finished with Frosted Star Dust effect. Very striking is the mother-of-pearl dial: Azure blue in colour and not the same on every model. So each watch is absolutely unique with its own motif on the dial. With its sleek design and durable materials, it is a reliable companion for daily use. The chronograph function ensures accurate timekeeping, while the water resistance makes the watch suitable for adventurous activities.

+ Stylish design
+ Durable materials
+ Chronograph function.

TW Steel CS121 Canteen Red Bull Ampol horloge Chrono 45 mm

TW Steel CS121 Red Bull Ampoll

The TW Steel CS121 Red Bull Ampol watch complements TW Steel's existing Red Bull Ampol collection. And what a one! 6 new models appeared this summer '23 and the TW Steel CS121 is the most popular at the moment. We don't often see a watch with a steel strap at TW Steel. Unfortunately, we would say, but the impressive combination of elegance and robustness of this Red Bull makes up for everything.

The watch has a striking dial with chronograph subdials and a date display, which means functionality and style go hand in hand. In addition, this model also has a tachymeter. Moreover, the high-quality construction offers durability and reliability. The Red Bull Ampol logo is not missing on the dial and the colours are also fresh and eye-catching.

+ Striking design
+ Chronograph function
+ Date display.

Versace VEKB00422 Sport Tech Lady Restyling dameshorloge

Versace VEKB00422 Sport Tech Lady

Why shouldn't feminine watch be both graceful and tough? Tough is this Versace VEKB00422 Sport Tech Lady watch: the ultimate mix of sportiness and luxury with a touch of grand Italian design. The watch has a striking bezel featuring (of course) that well-known Greco motif you know from countless other Versace watches. This model has a supple silicone strap that has the advantage of being highly resistant to moisture and very comfortable on your wrist. With its Swiss-made precision quartz movement and water resistance to 50 metres, the watch is perfect for active women who don't want to compromise between style and performance.

+ Luxury look
+ Comfortable strap
+ Water resistant.

Versace VEJB00322 Bold Chrono horloge 46 mm

Versace VEJB00322 Bold Chrono

With its case diameter of 46 mm, the Versace VEJB00322 Bold Chrono watch is made for the men among us and, like the Italian brand's women's watch described above, is also a powerful and bold accessory that attracts attention. With its striking gold accents, chronograph function and date display, the watch offers both style and functionality. The blue dial is outstanding to look at and well-finished. On the dial lies a glass plate of hard sapphire glass that perfectly protects against damage. The high-quality materials and Swiss Made movement guarantee durability and precision. The calfskin leather watch strap for wearing pleasure and comfort!

+ Bold design
+Chronograph function
+Date display.

Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust Midnight Abyss FSD10 horloge

Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust Midnight Abyss FSD10

The Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust Midnight Abyss FSD10 watch is a true eye-catcher and yet another Frosted Star Dust model. This time with a dial that instantly sucks every glance into its depths. The unique design with sparkling stardust details and a deep blue dial creates a magical look. With its reliable quartz movement (again, a Swiss movement) and comfortable steel bracelet, the watch uniquely combines style and comfort. A Paul Rich never wears inconspicuous or unnoticed: this brand is made to show off!

+ Unique design
+ Reliable quartz movement
+ Water resistant to 50 metres.

Versus Versace VSP393521 Palestro herenhorloge 45 mm

Versus Versace VSP393521 Palestro

The Versus Versace VSP393521 Palestro watch is truly a trendy accessory that adds a fashionable touch to any outfit. Then again, this watch does have those looks that not everyone will like anyway. But that's certainly how it works when it comes to design and fashion items: what one person loves, another thinks is terrible to look at. Tastes differ and that's a good thing.

In any case, this Versace scion, with its striking bi-colour colours, blue dial and hexagonal case, is a watch with style and class. In addition, the chronograph function and date display provide the necessary touch of functionality but even that is secondary to design with this timepiece!

+ Trendy design
+ Chronograph
+ Water resistant to 50 metres

Jacques du Manoir horloge JDM Military JDM-WG017-04 Charlie II

Jacques du Manoir watch JDM Military JDM-WG017-04 Charlie II

Great we think: Another genuine Swiss watch brand in our shop. Jacques du Manoir JDM Military is really a valuable addition for us. Sure, a Swiss flag on a dial is also good for sales because it exudes quality and reliability. But the Jacques du Manoir watch JDM Military JDM-WG017-04 Charlie II is really a tough and robust watch with a military look and of really fine quality in this price range.
Of course, what stands out about this model is immediately obvious: the orange dial with white indexes provides unparalleled appeal but also good readability. The otherwise matte black watch features a durable stainless steel case and a comfortable steel link bracelet. Swiss class with sapphire crystal and a solid and reliable movement.

+ Waterproof to 100 metres
+ Military design
+ Good readability, durable materials.

Versus Versace VSPHF2321 Tortona dameshorloge

Versus Versace VSPHF2321 Tortona ladies watch

Of all the ladies' watches we sell, the Versus Versace VSPHF2321 Tortona ladies' watch is perhaps the most elegant. A sophisticated accessory that graces any woman's wrist. Utterly feminine, an accent to any outfit, an iconic watch brand with a luxurious feel. Executed is beautiful shiny gold & silver tones and finished with shiny crystals.
This Versus Versace watch is a beautiful piece of design but, above all, it does very well what a watch should do: display time very reliably. This model owes that to its Swiss quartz movement set in a splash-proof case. The reliable quartz movement and water resistance add functionality to the stylish design. Plus points: elegant design, gold-tone details, water-resistant.

Citizen NB6021-68L Promaster Marine titanium horloge

Citizen NB6021-68L Promaster Marine titanium

This Citizen NB6021-68L Promaster Marine watch taps from a completely different keg. Yes, this watch too is beautiful to look at. But it is not like a Paul Rich or a Versace a designer watch. This Promaster watch is all about quality: a superior movement that displays excellent time is packed in a Super Titanium case that is enormously strong and scratch-resistant. Much stronger, lighter and better than steel. This is a high-quality watch from an uber reliable Japanese watch brand designed for adventurers.

This model is a dive watch guaranteed to be water resistant to 200 metres. And no, that won't get you to the Titanic, but it's deeper than you've ever been or will ever swim underwater. With its precise eco-drive technology, this watch never needs you to change a battery, light is enough to charge it.

+ Durable and strong thanks to titanium
+ Anti-allergic
+ Eco-drive technology.

Plein Sport PSABA0623 Thunderstorm Chrono horloge 43 mm

Plein Sport PSABA0623 Thunderstorm

Philipp Plein is a German fashion designer who is becoming increasingly well-known. And not thanks to boring or old-fashioned clothes and fashion accessories, no: everything by Philipp Plein is spectacular and, above all, very different from anything you've seen so far. PP's watches very much characterise that extravagance. With Plein Sport, the designer brand is now also trying to catch the eye of the sports enthusiasts among us and in that, this Plein Sport PSABA0623 Thunderstorm watch is one of the most dynamic and eye-catching accessories for sporty men. Which is not to say you shouldn't wear this watch when couch-hanging is your top sport. because with its unique design, combining different shades of blue, this watch is just cool to wear.

The chronograph function and date screen add functionality to a dial that looks like it was scratched by Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elmstreet. No, this Plein Sport watch is probably less suitable for lovers of classic and unobtrusive timepieces. But there are plenty of those kinds of timepieces too!

+ Dynamic design
+ Chronograph function
+ Date display.

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