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3 impressive new TW Steel Nigel Mansell watches

Geplaatst op 06-10-2023 door Marc Hut

TW Steel, the Dutch watch brand known for its bold designs and craftsmanship, has renewed its collaboration with legendary Formula 1 champion Nigel Mansell. At least, this is well demonstrated with these three new Nigel Mansell watches that capture the essence of speed, precision and determination. But don't expect boring and unremarkable clocks, these new TW Steel Canteen models are anything but that!

TW Steel Nigel Mansell horloge TWCS124TWCS124 | Quartz | 45 mm case diameter | Chrono + tachymeter

Extreme TW Steel Nigel Mansell watches

When it comes to watch colour schemes, TW Steel is extreme in everything. It can go either way with the Dutch watch brand: chic brown tones, distinctive green-coloured dials or blue watch bands. Just as often, we see strikingly brightly coloured timepieces. So are these Nigel Mansell watches: inspired by Mansell's glorious 1992 F1 season, TW Steel has designed these Mansell watches. A great addition to TW Steel's Fast Lane models, which are all about speed!

TW Steel TWCS123 Canteen Nigel Mansell Chrono horloge 45 mmTWCS123 | Quartz | 45 mm case diameter | Chrono + tachymeter

Tachymeter and chronograph

The steel case of these watches measures 45 mm. That's not as hefty as the 48 mm clocks you might also be familiar with from the watch brand, yet they are quite large to look at. Of the 3 new quartz watches, two are equipped as chronographs. All are equipped with a tachymeter on the bezel and date display.

TW Steel TWCS113 Canteen Nigel Mansell horloge 45 mm
TWCS113 | Quartz | 45 mm case diameter | Tachymeter

Formula 1 team logo Nigel Mansell

Very striking is the red number 5 logo, hallmark of Nigel's Formula 1 team. All three models feature a silicone strap in blue or yellow. The watch has a 2-year global warranty and is 10 ATM.

+ Special Nigel Mansell design
+ Chronograph and tachymeter
+ Lumibrite stripes and hands in Nigel Mansell style

Who is Nigel Mansell?

Nigel Mansell, born on 8 August 1953 in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, is one of the most respected and beloved figures in Formula 1 history. He is often remembered as a passionate, determined and charismatic driver, who impressed both on and off the track.

Nigel Mansell Renault 5 team Formule 1

Nigel Mansell and the Lotus team

Mansell began his career in racing at a young age, climbing steadily through karting and various racing classes before making his debut in Formula 1 with the Lotus team in 1980.

Fastest driver of his time

His talent and drive were soon noticed, and he earned a reputation as one of the fastest drivers of his time. In 1985, he took his first Formula 1 victory at the European Grand Prix.

Formula One driver at Williams

A turning point in Mansell's career came in 1986, when he transferred to the Williams team. Here he achieved his most successful years as a Formula 1 driver. In 1992, he was finally rewarded for his hard work and dedication when he won the Formula One World Championship with Williams-Renault. That season was particularly impressive, as he took nine victories and stood on the podium 14 times in just one season.

TW Steel TWCS124 Canteen Nigel Mansell Chrono horloge 45 mmTW Steel TWCS124 Canteen

Public favourite

Besides his impressive performances on the track, Nigel Mansell was also a crowd favourite because of his warm personality and commitment to his fans.

IndyCar Series winner in the United States

In 1993, Mansell temporarily left Formula 1 to embark on a short adventure in the IndyCar Series in the United States. He immediately won the championship, becoming the first driver to win both the Formula 1 world championship and the IndyCar championship in the same year.

Icon of Formula 1

Nigel Mansell later returned to Formula 1 and continued racing until 1995 before ending his professional racing career. However, his legacy in the sport lives on as an icon of determination, passion and sheer racing excellence. With an impressive legacy and a special place in the hearts of racing fans around the world, Nigel Mansell will always be remembered as one of the greats in Formula 1 history.

Quite rightly, then, that TW Steel honours this fantastic driver and personality with these beautiful watches!

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