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Best diver watches in our online shop

Geplaatst op 24-08-2018

Planning to go hunting for hidden treasures in the ocean depths or are you going diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world? Either way, don’t forget to take a diving watch with you, to make sure you know what time it is while you are down there. Also handy for timing your dive or planning your pauses. But, you will need a diving watch that can endure the pressure, won’t leak, steam up or fill with bubbles while also remaining completely accurate! In this blog, you’ll find 5 of our best and most popular diving watches, just waiting to be taken on your next trip down to the hidden depths! These 5 watches, which are all available in our shop, are absolutely up to the task!

The watches mentioned in this blog are all capable of withstanding pressures up to 20 ATM (200 meters). Although most people will not go deeper than that, keep in mind that a watch that is waterproof upt o a depth of 200 meters is only suitable for swimming, snorkeling or diving in shallow waters and not for deep sea diving. Planning to go deep sea diving, then you will need a watch that can handle pressures up to 100 ATM.

5. Seiko SKX009K1 divers watch

This Seiko Diving watch has a sporty design with an attractive blue dial. The SKX009K1 can resist 20 ATM of pressure, ideal for swimming, snorkeling or diving in shallow waters. It is not suitable for deep sea diving however. With luminous hands and numbers, checking the time in the dark is no problem. This watch has a striking bezel and it also has a day and date display. The crown is screwed to the case, to stop water from getting in and it’s also an automatic: no more battery changing!

Shop your Seiko SKX009K1 here>

4. Tauchmeister T0201 MIL Professional 45 mm divers watch

With the T0201MIL you can swim, snorkel and dive so, like the Seiko, you can’t go deep sea diving with this watch. One of the best features of this Tauchmeister is the beautiful Milanese strap, a nice touch. You either like the big crown caps or not: they are huge! Also, no bezel on this watch.The crowns are well protected however.

The beating heart of this watch is a Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz movement battery that guarantees that the watch runs perfectly on time. The T0201MIL has an illuminating dial: extremely handy in low light conditions! Oh, by the way, this watch displays a second time zone, useful for the long distance traveller. Made of high grade steel, this Tauchmeister divers watch is an excellent timepiece!

Find the T0201MIL here>

3. Tauchmeister T0226 45 mm

Like the Seiko SKX009K1 and the Tauchmeister T0201, this Tauchmeister T0226 can also endure pressures up to 20ATM. But, unlike those first two, the T0226 is a chronograph. Looking at the picture, you could think this watch is made of plastic; think again. The T0226 is constructed out of stainless steel with a black PVD coating to protect the steel, but also to give the watch a stylish touch.
The attractive dial is illuminating and the bezel are equipped with large numbers, for visibility. This watch has hardened mineral glass and a quartz battery while the strap is made of silicone. This combination of materials makes for a sturdy watch that will not lose its colour or wear and tear easily. Shop the Tauchmeister T0226>

2. Tauchmeister T0046 46 mm

Getting closer to the top of our list, we find one of the most popular Diving Watches in our store. You don’t just like this one, you love it. Well, after glancing at the orders from the past few months, that is…
If you are a professional diver or if you are planning a trip down to the thousand metre mark, then this automatic watch is an excellent choice. Capable of withstanding pressures up to 100ATM, it’s large index markers and illuminating hands are clearly visible.This Tauchmeister T0046 has a professional helium valve, sapphire glass and a high grade steel case. Together with the rubber strap and the highly reliable Citizen Miyota 8215 battery, this is an excellent timepiece that can handle the elements!

Check the T0046 in our shop>

1. Tauchmeister T0308XXL 52 mm

Top of the list is this impressive Tauchmeister T0308 52 mm diving watch. Like the T0046 mentioned above, the T0308 can withstand pressures up to 100ATM. Take it for a swim, take it on a snorkeling trip or take it for a deep sea dive! You cannot go wrong with this timepiece, which comes equipped with a helium valve, sapphire glass and illuminating hands and indexes. You’ll also like the T0308’s bezel while inside you will find the Sea-Gull TY2846 battery. Plus, the T0308XXL has an extra hand to show the 24 hour time.

Are you a sportive, professional or recreational diver looking for a stylish, robust and functional diving watch, then the T0308XXL could be the one for you.

Shop your T0308XXL>

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