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New: 5 Tauchmeister watches with a blue dial

Geplaatst op 22-09-2020 door Marc Hut

Tauchmeister watches come in an incredible number of types and designs. Last week weve added 5 new Tauchmeister diving watches in our shop, five professional diving watches with a beautiful blue dial. Actually, this concerns 2 Tauchmeister timepieces, each of which is available in various designs. The strap makes the difference!

Tauchmeister T0323OR

Tauchmeister T0323OR

Tauchmeister T0323Tauchmeister T0323

Tauchmeister T0323: professional diving watch

The Tauchmeister T0323 is a new, professional, diver with a Citizen quartz movement under the hood. This watch measures no less than 52mm and is waterproof up to 100ATM. A real XXL watch! The T0323 has sapphire glass, has a thickness of 15.5 mm and is suitable for people with a wrist thickness of up to 235 mm.

Tauchmeister T0323MILTauchmeister T0323MIL

If you like this watch but you don't really fancy the black rubber strap then there is good news for you, because this watch is also available with an orange rubber watch strap (Tauchmeister T0323OR), a steel link strap (T0323M) and a Milanese steel watch strap (T0323MIL).

Tauchmeister T0323MTauchmeister T0323M

All versions have the same movement inside and the same specs. Naturally, the case lid on the back of this watch and the crowned both are screwed to the watch case. This makes this watch extremely waterproof. Both the hands and indexes are luminous and well visible in the dark. A diving watch without a diving ring is not a diving watch, so ofcourse the T0323 is equipped with this ring. 

Tauchmeister T0325 46 mm watch with automatic movement

In addition to the new T0323 you will also find the new Tauchmeister T0325 in our shop. This automatic watch is one of the latest Tauchmeister1937 diving watches. As is with the T0323 the Tauchmeister T0325 also is available in several versions, it is the watch strap that makes the difference.

Tauchmeister T0325Tauchmeister T0325

Waterproof up to 100ATM

The T0325 has an automatic movement that winds up with your wrist movement. In addition, this diver is waterproof up to 100ATM, it has sapphire glass and a thickness of 14.4 mm. The big difference with the T0323, however, is the case diameter: the T0325 measures 46 mm, which is quite a bit smaller than the timepiece described above.

Tauchmeister T0325MTauchmeister T0325M

Also suitable for people with a thick wrist

It is good to know that the T0325 is very suitable for people with a thick wrist. Your wrist may be a maximum of 270 mm thick for the versions with a rubber watch strap, and for the versions with a steel bracelet your wrist may be a maximum of 240 mm thick.

Tauchmeister T0325ORTauchmeister T0325OR

Find all Tauchmeister watches here in our webshop. WatchXL is official Tauchmeister1937 watch dealer, we ship worldwide.

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