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The best waterproof watches: timeless & waterproof

Geplaatst op 29-05-2024 door Marc Hut

Are you looking for a waterproof watch because your watch needs to be able to get wet regularly? Do you go to the beach, the pool, or does your watch definitely need to be able to take a shower or bath? Then a waterproof watch is very nice. Or maybe even a diving watch for the real adventure. At WatchXL, you will find a wide collection of waterproof watches for both women and men. Whether you are looking for a waterproof watch for daily use, for sports or for adventurous activities, we have the perfect watch for you. In this Watch News, we present you 8 fine waterproof timepieces that are at least suitable for swimming.

Waterdicht horloge Citizen BJ8055-04E duikhorloge

1. Citizen Promaster Marine BJ8055-04E

We start with a real diving watch, because that's what the Citizen BJ8055-04E Promaster Marine is anyway. Quite a dive watch too as the case diameter is 48 mm. This model is water resistant to a whopping 300 metres and it is of course equipped with a diving ring. To make sure that this Promaster is actually suitable to take into deep water, the watch has been extensively tested according to ISO 6425. The certification guarantees that this watch can safely be taken underwater.

The BJ8055-04E has luminous hands and indexes to make it easy to read in the dark. Contrary to what you might think, this diver has mineral glass instead of sapphire glass: this is a bit more flexible and can better withstand deformation under high water pressure. With an Eco-Drive movement and a power reserve of no less than 180 days, this diver watch offers everything you need.

Waterdicht horloge Roamer Nautic Chrono 100

2. Roamer Nautic Chrono 100

This Roamer Nautic Chrono is a fully Swiss-made men's watch. So made in Switzerland and also equipped with the Swiss movement,. This up to 100-metre waterproof watch is great for wearing during your beach holiday or in the pool. You may not be able to dive with it, but this Roamer is still great for spending time on or in the water.

The Roamer Nautic 100 features scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and it has a chronograph. A diving ring is not missing either. The sturdy case is of very good quality and measures 43 mm. This men's watch is also easy to read in the dark thanks to illuminated hands. The quartz movement is energy-efficient so the battery lasts a long time.

Citizen NY0100-50ME Promaster

3. Citizen NY0100-50ME Promaster Super Titanium

One of our best and strongest dive watches is this Citizen NY0100-50ME. A great men's watch with a case diameter of 42 mm that houses an automatic movement. This model is made of Super Titanium, making it much stronger, lighter and more scratch-resistant than steel. Also, this metal is anti-allergic so good to wear by people with allergic reactions.

This Citizen is an ideal tool for anyone who sometimes dives into the water with their watch on. It is waterproof up to 200 metres (ISO certified) so you can dive with it just fine. The screwed case bottom and screwed crown add to its water resistance. Thanks to the automatic movement, this watch is wound up by wrist movement and once fully charged, it has a power reserve of 40 hours. Wear it during the day and so the watch will never fall silent. The mineral glass of this waterproof watch is scratch-resistant and flexible enough to withstand high pressure under water too.

Waterdichte Bulova horloge Marine Star

4. Bulova 98A225 Marine Star automatic watch

American watch brand Bulova has a fine collection of waterproof watches with its Marine Star watches. This Bulova 98A225 is a classic-looking automatic with a beautiful see-through dial. This model measures 45 mm and is waterproof up to 200 metres. A great-looking men's watch suitable for daily wear as well as on or in the water. The glass lid of the watch shows off the automatic movement beautifully, you would almost wear it upside down!

The automatic movement of this Marine Star has 21 jewels, making the mechanical movement run smoothly. Luminous hands make it easy to read in the dark.

Duxot horloge waterdicht duikhorloge

5. Duxot DX-2057-44 Deep Blue Atlantica Diver

In our watch sale, you will find some gems of diving watches from a watch brand that is not very well known: Duxot. These unique models are very similar to Rolex but are of sublime quality. The price is very attractive for timepieces of this quality.
The Duxot DX2057-44 Deep Blue is the blue variant, a diving watch with diving bezel and well-lit hands and indexes. It is water resistant to 200 metres and very solidly made. Yet the watch strap wears really smoothly thanks to the way the links are fastened together.

This automatic also has a screw-down crown for extra water resistance and it is equipped with sapphire crystal. The glass is anti-reflective and very clear, allowing the detailed and beautifully finished dial to attract attention nicely. With a case diameter of 42 mm, this diving watch is quite modest in size but certainly no less eye-catching!

Waterdicht Philipp Plein horloge Challenger

6. Philipp Plein PWYBA0423 GMT-I Challenger

Designer brand Philipp Plein created this particularly chic Challenger (which is also available in other colours ) because you need to be able to show off a chic and eye-catching brand watch while wearing your swimming trunks. A waterproof watch with GMT hand and date and a detailed dial. The Challenger is water resistant to 100 metres and it has a Swiss movement. The case diameter of 44 mm combined with the gold tone make this men's watch stand out well when you wear it. Take it into the pool or the sea and wear it on the beach. A good choice for lovers of hip fashion brands and good watches. Sophisticated yet sporty, this watch will show that you are up to date when it comes to fashion!

Waterdicht Citizen duikhorloge

7. Citizen EO2028-06L Promaster Marine

With its case diameter of 36 mm, this is one of the smaller dive watches in our range. An inconspicuous yet very beautiful diver that fits just as well on women's wrist as on men's. This Promaster diving watch is therefore very suitable for men and women. Equipped with an Eco-Drive movement, the Citizen watch is ISO certified and thus also suitable for scuba divers and professional divers. It can be taken safely up to 200 metres under water.

The luminous indexes and hands light up well in the dark and thanks to the 180-day power reserve, this fully charged Promaster watch is a reliable wristwatch on or under water. As sapphire glass is somewhat less resistant to the high pressure in deep water, this Promaster features the somewhat more flexible mineral glass. Weighing only 65 grams and no more than 11.6 mm thick, this is a small but fine diving watch!

Citizen Promaster Aqualand duikhorloge

8. Citizen BN2041-81L Promaster Aqualand

It is the second Promaster Aqualand we show you in this overview of the best waterproof watches but it is certainly not the least. Are you looking for a watch that can take you into deep water and also looks extremely solid and sporty? Then the Citizen BN2041-81L could be your ideal buddy in the water. A premium watch that is well-equipped for any water sportsman as on this model you will find a depth gauge, decompression alarm and a one-way rotating diving bezel.

The Eco-Drive movement in this ISO-certified dive watch charges in the light and you can read on the dial how much energy the watch has left. Fully charged, the watch can be used in the dark for 330 days. This means that while wearing it in daylight, you can charge it enough so that the watch will never shut down. This Promaster watch is guaranteed to take you to depths of up to 200 metres, but it is also just a really nice timepiece to wear above water!

High-quality waterproof watches and diving watches

Our waterproof watches & diving watches are high quality and offer excellent protection against water. Whether it's a waterproof watch for women or men, our collection includes various styles and models to suit your preferences.

Whether you are looking for a waterproof watch for while diving, swimming or other water activities, we have the ideal watch for you. Our waterproof men's watches and women's watches are tough, robust and reliable, so you can always stay on time, even underwater.

How waterproof should your watch be?

Our waterproof watches are available in different water resistance levels, such as 10ATM (100 metres), 20ATM (200 metres) and 30ATM (300 metres). This means you can choose a watch suitable for your specific water activities. If you are looking for a watch you can at least take a shower with but cannot swim with, then 5ATM is sufficient. Want to read more about the waterproofing of watches? You can read it here: 'How waterproof is your watch?'

Browse our collection and find the perfect waterproof watch to suit your style and needs.

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