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These are the 8 most beautiful women's watches

Geplaatst op 08-11-2022 door Marc Hut

Women's watches are more than practical accessories on which to read the time, they are, above all, an important fashion statement for women. The demand for elegant ladies' watches is only increasing and there are countless models, each with its own unique design. Whether you wear a formal outfit or a casual one, a beautiful ladies' watch always fits. In this Watch News, we show you our 8 most beautiful women's watches, 8 models that complete your look.


8. Philipp Pein PWDAA0421 Queen Crystal ladies watch

Philipp Plein PWDAA0421 Queen CrystalSwarovski crystals| 11 mm thick | 36 mm case diameter | 5ATM

The first ladies' watch we show you is also our most popular ladies' watch right now. Philipp Plein is a German designer who has been making quite a splash in recent years with his branded clothing and designer watches. This Queen Crystal is a beautiful bi-colour wristwatch with a case diameter of 36 mm and a thickness of 11 mm.

Philipp Plein Queen Crystal
Swarovski crystals as indexes
A striking feature of this ladies' watch is that the indexes contain inlaid Swarovski crystals. These add grace to the detailed green dial. The bicolour watch strap can be easily shortened to fit better on your wrist.

Philipp Plein horlogebox

The PWDAA0421 is water resistant to 50 metres, in practice this means you can take it into the shower but we do not recommend swimming with it. This women's watch also features mineral glass and the hands are luminous. If the colour of this watch does not appeal to you, then it is good to know that this model is available in many more colour combinations. And as you can see from the picture above, the PWDAA0421 comes in a very special watch box....



7. Versace V12010015 Hellenyium ladies watch

Versace V12010015 HellenyiumSwiss Made | Sapphire glass | 45 mm case diameter | 5ATM

The Versace Hellenyium already scores high marks among men, but the women's watches from the Hellenyium collection certainly do no less well among women. The Versace V12010015 is a high-quality Swiss-made wristwatch for women with a case diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of 10 mm.

Versace V12010015

Italian designer watch
The soft pink dial is very pretty to look at, utterly feminine and certainly not too much of a novelty. The bezel and the finish of the watch strap are also very detailed.

Versace is an Italian designer brand but it is the Greek elements that predominate in this and many other Versace watches. For example, around the dial you will find the famous Greek Greca motif and on the dial the head of Medusa, known from Greek mythology.

Swiss movement
This Versace watch is of excellent quality and very accurate and very much one of our finest ladies' watches. A reliable Swiss Ronda quartz movement drives the hands and date, and the sapphire glass protects very well against unwanted damage. The hands on this model are also luminous, by the way.



6. Gc Y16001L1MF Cable Chic ladies watch

Gc Y16001L1MF Cable Chic dameshorlogeSwiss Movement| Mother-of-pearl dial | 38 mm case diameter | 10ATM

Gc makes very stylish and well-finished ladies' watches, and this Cable Chic is another picture to behold. What is especially beautiful about this model is the steel cable that is placed around the dial and between the links, so to speak. The mother-of-pearl dial is very finely finished and features chic indexes.

Mooiste dameshorloge Gc Y16001L1MF
Ladies' watch with chronograph
The dial of this ladies' watch is well-filled and that is, of course, because the Y16001L1MF has a chronograph and a 24-hour hand.

And just like in Versace models, this Gc also features a Swiss movement. A timepiece that at least accurately tells time and is also energy efficient in the process. What's also nice is that this Gc is waterproof up to 100 metres, so you can even go swimming with it.

Gc Y16001L1MF

Sapphire-coated mineral glass
Compared to the Versace V12010015, this Gc watch does have a slightly larger case diameter of 38 mm. Sapphire glass does not have this watch either, but it does have sapphire-coated mineral glass, which also protects well against scratches.



5. Citizen EP6051-14L Promaster: ladies' diving watch

Citizen Promaster duikhorlogeSmallest diving watch | Eco Drive | 33 mm case diameter | 20ATM

You might not immediately notice at first glance that this Citizen watch is a distinctly ladies' model. Yet it is. In fact, it is the smallest ladies' dive watch in the world!

ISO certified diving watch
The EP6051-14L is quite a different kind of watch from the designer brand watches described above. As such, this Citizen enjoys particular popularity among water & diving enthusiasts. With a case diameter of no more than 33 mm, this model can truly be called miniscule if you compare it to the average diving watches. It may be small in size, but it is a great diver: you can go up to 200 metres under water with it, for which the watch is ISO certified. 

Mooiste dameshorloge Citizen Promaster

Ladies' watch with Eco-Drive movement: energy from light
This Citizen Promaster Marine has an Eco-Drive movement, energy from light and no battery to replace. It also has luminous hands and numerals, which are handy in the dark of the deep sea. You can use the diving ring around the dial to time your dive times. This Citizen is an excellent ladies' watch, suitable for the real sportsman.


4. Versace VE7900320 Eon ladies watch

Versace VE7900320 EONSwiss Made | Sapphire crystal | 34 mm case diameter | 3ATM

This Versace ladies' watch is one of the colourful models from the Eon collection. A Swiss made ladies watch that is very pretty to look at. The beauty of this watch is that you can rotate the ring that sits around the case (to which the watch strap attaches). One side of the ring shows the letters 'Versace', while the other side shows a stylish motif.

Versace Ve7900320 EON  het mooiste dameshorloge
Of course, this ladies' watch is also equipped with sapphire crystal and this Versace VE7900320 ladies' watch has a calfskin strap. This watch is water-resistant up to 3ATM, which actually means splash-proof. You'd better not take it in the shower and definitely not go swimming with it.

This watch has no crown
Very special about this watch is the way you set the watch, because this Versace does not have a crown. Versace provides a small tool with this ladies watch, which you use to press a button on the back of the case. So with this you set the correct time.

This Versace Eon is one of the more colourful ladies' watches we have, a very nice one too! A subtle and high-quality piece of jewellery that you can enjoy for a long time.



3. Paul Rich Heart of the Ocean Blue Rose Gold HO01 watch

Paul Rich Heart of the Ocean Blue Rose Gold HO01 horloge 38 mmMother-of-pearl dial | Swarovski crystals | 38 mm case diameter | 5ATM


Paul Rich is an American watch brand that has become very popular in recent years. Its Frosted Star Dust men's watches, for instance, are flying like hotcakes.

But Paul Rich also makes women's watches and this Heart of the Ocean Blue Rose Gold is one of them. The name of this watch is a logical one: the azure-blue mother-of-pearl dial is almost the ocean itself in terms of colour and matches very nicely with the rose gold case. All this is further accentuated by gleaming Swarovski crystals on the bezel.

Paul Rich Heart of the Ocean Blue Rose Gold HO01 horloge 38 mm
Case diameter of 38 mm
With a case diameter of 38 mm, this this watch may be a little heftier than average for a ladies' watch but with a thickness of 9 mm, this watch is quite thin. Whatever you think of it, this is a watch that shows itself off to the world. The blue silicone watchband certainly contributes to that as well.

Paul Rich Heart of the Ocean Blue Rose Gold HO01 horloge 38 mm

Waterproof up to 50 metres
This Paul Rich Heart of the Ocean women's watch is equipped with a Citizen Miyota quartz movement and it is waterproof up to 50 metres. So again, that means: showering, yes. Swimming, no. This Paul Rich watch is definitely one of the most beautiful ladies' watches we have in our shop. At the same time, the shape of the case and the wide watchband might not appeal to everyone. In any case, it is a striking model!




2. Philipp Plein PWEAA0421 Plein Couture women's watch

Philipp Plein PWEAA0421 Plein Couture horloge 32 mmSwarovski crystals | 9 mm thick | 44 mm case diameter | 3ATM


This Philipp Plein PWEAA0421 Plein Couture women's watch is one of the smaller models you can find at WatchXL with its 32 mm case diameter. The case height is also no more than 9 mm, making this Plein Couture watch fit well under your clothes. Nevertheless, this watch is also suitable for the slightly fuller wrist. Up to a wrist size of 195 mm, this piece of jewellery is fine to wear.

Philipp Plein PWEAA0421 Plein Couture horloge 32 mm
Swarovski crystals on the bezel
Small in size this ladies' timepiece may be, but it is not inconspicuous. The Swarovski crystals on the bezel and on the dial protected by hardened mineral glass give this ladies' watch quite a bit of bling bling. The silver-coloured case and link bracelet also contribute to this. The quartz movement in this watch is a reliable Japanese Seiko Epson Y121F1.

The disadvantage of this watch is that it is actually not waterproof. Officially 3ATM but in practice that means it is splashproof. But is that a bad thing? Of course, it depends on what you want to do with the watch.

Philipp Plein PWEAA0421 Plein Couture horloge 32 mm

Special watch box...
Philipp Plein 's logo is a skull and you therefore receive this ladies' watch in a remarkable skull watch box. Because yes, nothing is 'out of the ordinary' at Philipp Plein!

1. Gc Guess Collection Y47009L1MF Prime Chic: the most beautiful ladies' watch!


Het mooiste dameshorlogeSwiss Movement | Swarovski crystals | 32 mm case diameter | 10ATM

We think this Gc model is the most beautiful ladies' watch. At least of the ladies' watches we have in the shop. And again, this ladies' watch is bursting with Swarovski crystals: they are even on the watch strap. Incidentally, that watch strap is also partly made of links. Watches with stones are attractive and popular and this Gc is literally and figuratively stunning to look at. The watch is very nicely finished and the mother-of-pearl dial also adorns this model.

Swiss movement
But it's not just the finish that's top-notch: the technology is also spot on. This watch has a Swiss movement, luminous Swiss Super Luminova hands and is water-resistant to 100 metres. With a diameter of 32 mm and a case height of 9 mm, this watch is also nice and small in size.

We think this Gc ladies' watch is a real eye-catcher and the most beautiful ladies' watch we currently sell.

Are these just not the ladies' watches you like? We have many more! View our ladies' watch range here.

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