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Citizen watches: what Citizen collections are there?

Geplaatst op 28-05-2024 door Marc

Citizen: it is one of the largest and most popular watch brands worldwide. This Japanese brand is known for quality, craftsmanship and innovation. Not for nothing, then, that Citizen movements are also placed in watches by many watch brands. Citizen watches are divided into a number of collections, including the Promasters. Which collections are the most popular and what features they have can be read in this Watch News.


Citizen Promaster horloges
1. Citizen Promaster: for sport and adventure

Among Citizen watches, the Promaster collection is particularly popular. This collection includes modern, sporty, watches made for adventure. Functional timepieces equipped with specific functions. Citizen Promasters come in 3 sub-collections, each with its own speciality: Marine, Sky and Land:

Citizen Promaster Marine: for water sports enthusiasts

Watches from the Citizen Promaster Marine collection are primarily made for water sports enthusiasts. The main feature of Promaster Marine timepieces is that they are quite waterproof. This makes them good for use by swimmers, snorkellers and divers. Even professional divers know how to find the Japanese brand.
Most models offer specific functions that aquatic enthusiasts can use, and you should think of a depth gauge, diving ring, luminous hands or diving alarm.

Citizen Promaster Marine horlogeCitizen Promaster Marine

Promaster Marine watches are robust, reliable and perfectly suited for use on or under water. When it comes to water resistance, these are therefore the best watches Citizen has to offer, with water resistance of up to 200 metres (tested and certified with ISO6425 for safe underwater use) being the rule rather than the exception.

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Citizen Promaster Sky: for pilots, hikers and mountaineers

The Citizen Promaster Sky collection includes watches made for use at altitude. These are models liked by pilots, aviation enthusiasts, hikers and even mountaineers. They are models that come with features such as world time, dual time, altimeter and alarm.

Citizen Promaster Sky horlogesCitizen Promaster Sky

A special feature of many Promaster Sky watches is the control by the atomic clock (Atomic Time Keeping). These watches are therefore even more accurate in time display.
They have a stylish design and most watches feature an Eco-Drive movement that runs on solar energy.
With a Citizen Promaster Sky, you always stay on time, wherever you are in the world.

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Citizen Promaster Land: a watch for every terrain

The Promaster Land watches also offer everything the adventurer likes. Think watches with compass, 24-hour hand, alarm and world time. They are made for high-speed enthusiasts and suitable for any terrain. Also in this collection, most watches feature an Eco-Drive movement that uses energy from light to charge the battery and atomic timekeeping (radio-controlled by the atomic clock).

Citizen Promaster Land horlogesCitizen Promaster Land

What many Promaster Land watches also offer is a perpetual calendar and a chronograph. And you might think that a Citizen Promaster Land should not get wet, nothing could be further from the truth as most watches from this collection are waterproof up to 200 metres making them perfect for almost all outdoor activities.

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2. Citizen Radio Controlled: Atomic Time Keeping

Citizen Radio Controlled stands for watches that are controlled by the atomic clock, so-called Atomic Timekeeping timepieces. These are watches that are very accurate in timekeeping. They often have a deviation of no more than 1 millionth of a second per 1 million years.

Citizen Radio ControlledCitizen Radio Controlled

Citizen Radio Controlled automatically synchronises with atomic clocks around the world, so they always display the correct time wherever you are. Available in different styles, these timepieces are perfect for people who value precision and reliability. The combination with a light-charged Eco-Drive movement ensures that you will never need to replace a battery.

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3. Citizen Mechanical: mechanical timepieces

The Citizen Mechanical collection includes watches, the name says it all, that are equipped with mechanical movements. So these are automatic watches that are wound by (wrist) movement. In principle, it is enough to wear these types of watches during the day for enough energy so that you can then put it away for at least 40 hours (depending on the model) before it shuts down. Big advantage is that mechanical watches don't have a battery that you have to replace after so many years.

Citizen Mechanical horlogesCitizen Mechanical

Automatic watches are loved by watch lovers for their craftsmanship and traditional look. Citizen Mechanical watches are timeless and elegant.

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4. Citizen Super Titanium: functional and strong

The Citizen Super Titanium collection offers the strongest and most scratch-resistant watches you can wear. These watches have a case and/or strap made of Super Titanium, a metal that is even better than 'ordinary' titanium. Titanium has excellent features such as very light weight, hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant and very durable. Another big advantage is that titanium watches are very comfortable to wear: they weigh almost nothing.

Citizen Super Titanium horlogesCitizen Super Titanium

The Citizen Super Titanium collection has a modern design is available in different colours and styles. Citizen Super Titanium watches combine style and functionality in a unique way.

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5. Citizen Series 8: Exclusive and limited edition

The Citizen Series 8 collection is a tribute to the rich history of Citizen watches. Series 8 is exceptionally good quality & design but at the same time very limited in edition. A strong and dynamic design combined with the best specifications therefore make the Series 8 popular among collectors of special limited edition watches. Not only the exterior is of high quality and beautiful to look at, also inside everything ticks as it should because these watches are equipped with the best movements Citizen has to offer. That comes at a price, by the way; the starting price is easily over a thousand euros.

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6. Citizen Tsuyosa: colourful automatic watches

The Citizen Tsuyosa collection consists of colourful (automatic) watches at a very attractive price. This collection is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of strength and perseverance. Citizen Tsuyosa is robust, durable and reliable.

Citizen Tsuyosa horlogesCitizen Tsuyosa

These watches are designed for people who lead active lifestyles and need a watch that can withstand challenging conditions. Whatever colour you like: there is a Tsuyosa for almost every taste.

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Citizen watches offer a wide range of collections that meet the needs and preferences of different users. Whether you are an adventurer, pilot, watch lover or just looking for a reliable watch, Citizen has a collection to suit you. Explore the different collections and choose the Citizen watch that perfectly suits your style and lifestyle. The best and most popular Citizen watches can be found at WatchXL, official Citizen dealer.

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