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Citizen Mechanical

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Citizen Mechanical

Citizen Mechanical watches are automatic timepieces. The watches in this collection all have one thing in common: they allow themselves to be wound by movement. That really doesn't mean you have to go jumping or running to keep your watch running. No, a Citizen Mechanical is powered by even the slightest movement of the wrist.

Shop your Citizen Mechanical at WatchXL

At Citizen watch dealer WatchXL, you can shop your automatic watch and benefit from the excellent service you would expect from an official dealer!

Citizen watches waterproof and ISO certified

The automatic watches from the Mechanical collection have the big advantage that you will never have to change a battery. These Citizens are and remain well waterproof. Many of the Citizen Mechanical timepieces are therefore suitable for swimming and snorkelling. A number of timepieces even come with an ISO/DIN certificate, an international standard for diving watches.

So even for divers, a Citizen Mechanical diver watch can be very interesting!

Want to see more? Check out the entire Citizen watch collection here. Still looking for something else? Then take a look at the complete range of watches at WatchXL!

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