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5 strong Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Watches

Geplaatst op 13-03-2023 door Marc Hut

As you might know, most watches are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel has some advantages but also some disadvantages. If you compare a steel watch with a titanium watch, the latter has some important benefits (read our blog about The benefits of Super Titanium). Steel is a lot more scratch sensitive if you compare it with titanium. If you are carelessly dealing with your watch, or you have been wearing it for years, you'll notice that there will gradually appear some minor damages on the watch. This is something that you will not likely see on a titanium model. Titanium is a much harder material compared to steel. Japanese watch brand Citizen even upgraded this excellent material to an even better one: Super Titanium. We have a lot of Titanium Eco Drive watches  made by this trustworthy Japanese watch brand. In this blog we present you 5 beautiful Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium watches, models that are stronger and more scratch resistant than watches made of stainless steel. These are 5 excellent titanium Eco Drive watches, all charged by light.


The benefits of a titanium watch:

  • Anti-allergic
  • Harder & stronger than steel
  • Very scratch resistant
  • Anti-magnetic
  • Very light in weight



Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Watch AT8195-85L
Radio controlled | Sapphire glass | 44 mm case size | 20atm

1. Citizen Eco Drive Titanium AT8195-85L Watch

The Citizen AT8195-85L is one of our radio controlled watches, a timepiece that is controlled by the radio signal of the atomic clock. This has the advantage that this Citizen titanium Eco Drive watch runs 99,99999999% accurately. This Citizen watch is so accurate, the deviation is not more than 1 second per 1 million years.

Infinite calendar
This strong black watch, with a case size of 44 mm and a weight no more then 103 grams, is equipped with a beautiful blue dial on which you will find various functions. This Citizen Eco Drive Titanium watch has a perpetual calendar that is a lot more convenient than a watch with only a date window. With this super titanium watch on your wrist, you'll always have the correct time & date at hand. No need to change date at the end of the month. With this watch you'll never have to adjust the date again.

Citizen AT8195-85L Promaster Sky Radio Controlled watch

The AT8195-85L is an Eco Drive watch and this means it is equipped with an eco-drive movement, charged by light. Replacing a battery will not be necessary. Another advantage of this model is that is is equipped with a world timer. The dial of the AT8195-85L shows you the exact time in various cities around the world. 

Good to know: This Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Watch has sapphire glass and it is waterproof up to 200 meters!

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Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Watch AT2480-81L
Chronograph | Sapphire glass | 44 mm case size |10atm

2. Citizen AT2480-81L Super Titanium Watch 44 mm

The Citizen AT2480-81L is one of the newer Eco-Drive watches made by Citizen. This men's watch is waterproof up to 100 meters and it has sapphire glass. Of course, this Citizen mens watch is also made entirely of titanium (Super Titanium) and it is therefore anti-allergic and anti-magnetic. With a case size of 44 mm it is average in size. And with a weight of no more then 99 grams you can call this watch a lightweight. Under the protective sapphire glass you'll find a nice blue dial on which you'll be able to read the time & date. The AT2480-81L is also equipped with a chronograph/stopwatch and a 24-hour hand.

Citizen AT2480-81L Super Titanium Watch 44 mm

The Citizen AT2480-81L may not be as big in size as the oversized Citizen diver watches, but it is a beautiful men's watch of excellent quality for a good price!

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Citizen Super Titanium CA0700-86L chronograph Eco-Drive men's watch 43 mm Chronograph | Sapphire glass | 43 mm case size |10atm

3. Citizen Super Titanium CA0700-86L Chronograph Eco-Drive men's watch 43 mm

The Citizen CA0700-86L titanium Eco Drive watch is a bit more modest than the two models that we showed you above. It is a watch of excellent quality that can be warn for ages to come. It might not be as big in size as many other Citizen watches, it is a reliable and beautiful timepiece. On board of this Citizen watch you'll find a chronograph movement with 24 hour hand. The case size is 43 mm, which is average in size, and the watch has a beautiful blue dial. The case is no more then 11 mm thick, so it is comfortable to wear under your clothing. 

Citizen Miyota B612 Caliber timepiece
The CA0700-86L also has a hypermodern Eco-Drive timepiece that is provided with energy by light. With this model that is the Citizen Miyota B612 caliber. This titanium is also waterproof, up to 100 meters according to the manual.

Citizen Super Titanium CA0700-86L chronograph Eco-Drive men's watch 43 mm

It is a good thing Citizen has equipped this men's watch with sapphire glass, something (we can not say it enough) all watches should have. This in combination with the titanium case and strap ensures that the CA0700-86L watch will still look like new even after years of wearing.

For lovers of an affordable watch of excellent quality, this Citizen is an excellent choice. The wearer of this titanium chronograph can enjoy it for a long time to come.

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Citizen CB0230-81E Promaster Sky Eco-Drive mens watch 43 mm
World time | Sapphire glass | 43 mm case | 20atm

4. Citizen CB0230-81E Eco-Drive Titanium Watch 43 mm

If you are looking for a men's watch of more than excellent quality and that you'll be able to wear almost a lifetime, this Promaster Sky Super Titanium Eco Drive watch is a perfect choice. The CB0230-81E is a cool titanium watch that is very pleasant to wear. Just like the AT8195-85L we described above, the CB0230-81E has a radio controlled movement, the Citizen Miyota Kaliber H145 in this case. A movement controlled by the signal of the atomic clock and therefore has a time deviation of no more than +/- 1 second per 1 million years.

The anti reflective sapphire crystal in combination with the titanium case and strap prevents scratches and damage and is about 60 grams lighter compared to steel. Do you like to go for a dive? No problem with this model. It is waterproof up to 200 meters. 

Citizen CB0230-81E Promaster Sky Eco-Drive mens watch 43 mm

Conversion function on the dial
Before you wonder what can be read on the rings around the dial of this watch, we can tell you this Citizen Eco Drive titanium watch has a kind of conversion function. Of course you can use Google to do these conversions, but how nice is it to use your watch to calculate how many liters there are in a gallon or how many kilometers fit in a mile! You'll be able to read local time in various world cities at the dial of this watch.

The date and time shown on the dial are automatically adjusted by the atomic clock, so you'll no longer have to do this by yourself.

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Citizen AV0080-88E Promaster Land Tsuno Titanium watch 44 mm
Bullhead construction | Sapphire glass 44 mm Cabinet section 20atm

5. Citizen AV0080-88E Promaster Tsuno Super Titanium Watch

The Citizen Promaster Tsuno was already designed and produced in 1972 as an automatic chronograph with a "bullhead" construction: a timepiece with the crown and chronograph buttons at the top instead of on the side of the case. This is more comfortable and more pleasant, the crowns and pushers do not poke in your wrist. 'Tsuno' means "horned" in Japanese and this watch is also called the horned chronograph, if you look closely at the watch then you understand why it is. If you like the 'horned' looks then this is a unique watch to wear. A model that is immediately recognized by the real Citizen enthusiasts.

Sapphire glass stands out above the case
This men's watch naturally has sapphire glass, but what is special about the AV0080-88e is that the glass protrudes above the case and the lunette. You look, as it were, from the side into the watch. Very nice to see. That makes this citizen with a case thickness of 16 mm a fairly thick watch. Also a chronograph and a tachymeter are not missing at the Citizen AV0080-88e Tsuno.

Citizen AV0080-88E Promaster Land Tsuno Titanium Eco Drive watch 44 mm

Citizen Miyota E210 Caliber timepiece
This Citizen contains the E210 caliber movement, a very accurate Eco-Drive that was assembled by Citizen and has no less than 240 days of power reserve. In addition, the Tsuno also has an alarm, tachymeter, stopwatch and date display. The energy reserve in the battery can also be read. Luminous hands and numbers give perfect light in the dark.

Even with this Citizen, a splash in the water is no problem at all because the water resistance is no less than 200 meters. The Super Titanium watch case and strap are anti-allergic and anti-magnetic. A strong example of watch made for eternity!

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