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Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust

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Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust

Watches with Frosted Star Dust effect

The Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust watches are unique in design. All Frosted Star Dust models are engraved with a special Frosted Star Dust effect. This gives the watches a strikingly beautiful look and sparkles in the light.

Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust: Florentine Finish look

The matt Frosted Star Dust effect of the Paul Rich Frosted Star Dust watches is created with optimised engraving techniques and very precise cuts required to make the perfect straight incision that gives these watches a unique 'Florentine Finish' Frosted Star Dust appearance.

This technique is based on the knowledge and skill of generations of Italian masters of the trade. Micro incisions are cut into the surface with extreme precision and caution. Paul Rich further developed this technique after extensive research and applied it to the Frosted Star Dust models. As a result, the exterior of these watches sparkles like precious diamonds.

Take a look at an impression of the Frosted Star Dust:

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