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Philipp Plein watches

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Philipp Plein watches

German fashion brand Philipp Plein, popular especially among young people, makes highly exclusive and contemporary Philipp Plein watches in addition to luxury branded clothing. A Philipp Plein watch is never boring or standard. A Philipp Plein watch is an unique work of creative art. These watches are bursting with creativity, but at the same time we understand that this brand will not appeal to everyone. You either really like a Philipp Plein watch or you absolutely do not. There is no middle ground. These are the most outspoken men's watches and women's watches you'll find in our shop.

Philipp Plein, modern designer brand

Philipp Plein watches is one of today's hippest & most modern designer brands. Apart from clothing and other accessories, Philipp Plein also has watches in its range, the products of this designer brand are currently conquering the entire world. WatchXL is your official Philipp Plein watch dealer. fashion brand that offers various products, including watches.

Why are Philipp Plein watches so special?

Watches by Philipp Plein are known for their bold and eye-catching designs, often with skulls, crystals and other embellishments. In WatchXL's Philipp Plein watch range, you will find men's watches and women's watches, in a range of styles from classic to sporty.

What kind of quality is a Philipp Plein watch?

Watches from Philipp Plein are made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, leather and sapphire crystal, and feature reliable Japanese timepieces from Seiko and Citizen, among others. Some Philipp Plein models are equipped with a Swiss movement. Popular models from this unique brand include the "Skull" watches, which feature a skull design on the dial and come in different colours, and the "Sport" watch, which looks sporty with a rubber strap and chronograph functions.

A Philipp Plein watch is a luxury item

Philipp Plein watches fall into a slightly more expensive price segment. You can buy a Philipp Plein watch from a few hundred euros but there are models that cost up to several thousand euros. As with any luxury item, it is important to look at your budget first and then look for a suitable watch. WatchXL will be happy to advise you, so feel free to contact us.

Which celebrities wear Philipp Plein watches?

Maybe you don't know the Philipp Plein brand yet and you're wondering what you'll be walking around with when you make your purchase. In any case, we can tell you that many celebrities have already been spotted wearing this brand. And we're not just talking about Rascal but also Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg, Grace Jones and Rita Ora. Oh yes, and not forgetting our own celebrity Gerard Joling!

Is a Philipp Plein watch expensive?

You can shop a Philipp Plein watch from around 250 euros. For that, you get a unique and striking watch of excellent quality. Most Philipp Plein models are discounted at WatchXL.

Philipp Plein Philipp Plein watch - Philipp Plein watches shop WatchXL

Pay your Philipp Plein watch afterwards

WatchXL offers a wide range of Philipp Plein watches. If you have your eye on a Philipp Plein watch, you will want to get it quickly, and if possible pay for it afterwards. That is possible! All watches of this special brand that we have in stock will be shipped the same day (if ordered before 15:00 on business days).

All Philip Plein models have a 2-year warranty. If you have found a watch, feel free to order it with post-payment (Klarna or Billink), so you never pay for something you don't get. Is this brand not quite what you are looking for? Then check out our full watch range.


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